Tell Me When I’m Gone – Conception

I could never compromise on all my dreams I would never sacrifice my self-esteem paint your kiss on someone elses collar soak your sorrow with another dollar tell me

Gethsemane – Conception

little mirror on the wall forgive my sins as so many times before your calm convinced the world I know is beyond your reach your eyes too numb to

Cardinal Sin – Conception

no-one knows what lies behind my stare my eyes do not reflect and no-one knows the dreams I bear the world I must protect within my soul within my

Hold On – Conception

don’t try to seize the time we shared for all I ever do I do for you just close your eyes and say you care for all we ever

Under A Mourning Star – Conception

I’m a new messiah won’t you cry a tear for me I absorb your sleepless nights I’m a black horizon I’m solitude in chains always in your way ’cause

A Million Gods – Conception

don’t hesitate to hope, they said come close, don’t be afraid love don’t seem to find it’s way to where you stay you have to feel the light, they

In Your Multitude – Conception

another day reaches for life and when I see you’re not there I hush the sunrise nails in my tired head wide awake wide awake remember all how you