High On Infinity – Count Raven

Dream child tonight You are entitled the right So sick and tired of the constant fight Tonight the Master is here And he holds you dear And now all

Let The Dead Bury The Dead – Count Raven

That have crawled out of the ground Your existence I’m sorry to say is everywhere On the new job & on the beach, I find you there The Antichrist

Hippies Triumph – Count Raven

was the cry of the mid sixties Visions in acid showed the way, we smiled at one another Colours of the rainbow filled my head, and I loved a

The Madman From Waco – Count Raven

Something must happen today He thinks he’s found a solution He gets carried away Darkness coming, best get ready System closing, remain steady today Media enters with confusion Government

Traitor – Count Raven

They want peace and quiet, on their way to eternal night You can’t be your own, it will make the others moan They plot and they scheme, they must

True Revelation – Count Raven

the one from the pit has risen and soon he’ll make us fear This is the time yeah this is the time now listen to this song I’m gonna

Children’s Holocaust – Count Raven

This is not a joke at all, from the other side of the grave I call You both were my parents You killed me when I was still small

Until Death Do Us Part – Count Raven

Spitting on all mankind What is this thing called love A disgusting thing we all know You made love to another That night I cried In lust You cheated

Angel Of Death – Count Raven

Sometimes it happens, You understand The prisoners broke free, inside of them was our experiment Like LSD to go public it was never meant Now we must, immediately close

The Coming – Count Raven

This is the day the earth stands still, the sinners they must beware All through history people have tried to solve its mystery And today you have, can you

Masters Of All Evil – Count Raven

I tell you what is gonna come, it ain’t no fairy tale There is a group of families that hold our destiny In pact with the darkest one, they

Sometimes A Great Nation – Count Raven

CIA organize bloodshed all over the world Kill the commies before the end of time all over the world the weeping is heard You bastards You don’t know what

An Ordinary Loser – Count Raven

I feel that it must be told, ’til now no one’s ever heard Somewere in time there’s a school, a boy went there to read and write You were

Lost World – Count Raven

Me, I don’t at all agree The facts of life you don’t see Either truth or reality Don’t let my words bring you down Just keep on trying I

Leaving The Warzone – Count Raven

In the center of all Hell But tomorrow I’ll be long gone I bid the pain farewell I’m leaving the Warzone I leave it behind My father is gone