Performer COVENANT

Trough The Eyes Of The Raven – Covenant

Of Norselands ancient soil Below mw withering blizzard has melted with the snow “My tears no longer turned frost My eyes they gleam no more Triumphant pride forever lost

The Last Of Dragons – Covenant

No longer driven by ancient hungers – I grabbed the poisoned chalice Clawing at the churning night – thus rose my cosmic ambitions Riding the snake in divine rebellion

From The Storm Of Shadows – Covenant

In the mist of night Through the dark wastelands of time Hear my cries of hate Hate for all As I wondere through the cold Within my black soul

Planetary Black Elements – Covenant

A gaunt expression of the end Prophecies revealed….Dimensional chaos In perfect symmetry – a mask so dreary A truth so stained – a planetary conformation A long lost creation

Towards The Crown Of Nights – Covenant

Epic battles rage across domains Thrones are falling… As the dark-light burns again Feeble humans… Behold me in my victory Can you see the night come? It is indeed

Dragonstorms – Covenant

Again destruction walks my path as I battle for the night Blackwinds come and lift my dragonwings into the sky Carry me across domains, towards the night I fly

Bizarre Cosmic Industries – Covenant

And grab some small glittering oddity Such a creation – so crippled and deranged A tiny figure in the bizarre cosmic industry In different aspects of this circus maximus