Time To Party – Craig David

let me see you swing and sway let me see you swing tell me are you down with me are you with me are you with me friday, payday

Can’t Be Messing ‘Round – Craig David

craig david it’s another one gonna make ya dance to this gonna make ya dance to this this is how we do it one time into the year 2

Fast Cars – Craig David

Fast women, Speed bikes with the nitro in them, Dangerous when driven, Those are the type that I be feeling (x2) Sitting there while I observe, I like your

You Know What – Craig David

I said I’m feeling I’m feeling it I’m feeling it yeah I know that you like the way that I put it down on you you know what yeah

What’s Changed – Craig David

Oh tell me, babe Why do you wanna play these games with me? Thought you always wanted to be with me Verse 1 Well at first girl, I wanted

Key To My Heart – Craig David

Blowin my mind Please don’t you decline Ain’t lyin Baby be mine (repeat x3 ) Craig david Kwame Paul It’s another one I’ts your call Yeah Lonely hours Lonely

Two Steps Back – Craig David

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You know I’m the kinda guy that does 9 to 5 Working real hard is the way I live my life Back home just

Once In A Lifetime – Craig David

once in my life I have the chance to find Once in a lifetime I have the chance to find the key to my dreams and I know, that

Eenie Meenie – Craig David

Craig David, Y’all ready for this, Yo On my way from the studio, Driving on my way home, Happy cos I’m gonna see my girl tonight, Something messing with

You Don’t Miss Your Water (‘Til The Well Runs Dry) – Craig David

On our way to find the key to our emotions Together we will move the clouds to brighter days Some people question what I say Tried to break up

Hands Up In The Air – Craig David

You really wanna, really wanna, get down tonight, down tonight yeah Come on baby Lemme see those hands up in the air Lemme see you bounce tonight… Tonight it’s

Rise And Fall – Craig David

And it seems as though the writings on the wall, Superstar you finally made it, But once your picture becomes tainted, It’s what they call, The rise and fall

Spanish – Craig David

(If you don’t mind, can I talk to you if it’s all right) I want your body close to mine (All night, while we’re dancing in the moonlight) We

Fill Me In – Craig David

I was checking this girl next door when her parents went out She’d phone say hey boy come on right around So i knock on the door you were

Rendezvous – Craig David

yeah well come on check it out (watcha doing cos we’ll be rendevousing & you know we’ll getting some getting jiggy just for fun)(4x) six o’clock in the morning

Booty Man – Craig David

three four step inside the venue and i see in the corner of my eye this beautiful girl that’s standing by the bar looking fly she was like a

What’s Your Flava? – Craig David

Tell me what’s your flava (x4) I met this fly girl in the club Went by the name of pecan deluxe This ice cream was high maintenance When I

Walking Away – Craig David

I’m walking away oh to find a better day I’m walking away from the troubles in my life I’m walking away oh to find a better day I’m walking

Rewind – Craig David

Hyper, hyper, hyper, that’s what we make ya Time to mash up the speaker Craig david, artful doger Inter selecta (x4) Making moves yeah on the dancefloor Got our

Last Night – Craig David

she was bad you’ve never seen nothing like it, trust me who be your casanova and we don’t stop dr dr dr dr drop the flava who be your