Veins Of Immortality Ii – Crimson Moon

Feasting on the Blood, penetrate the flesh Jugular open wide, spurting immortal life. Surging with power, your blood makes me strong Drinking from the veins of immortality. From roots

The Blood That Is Eternal – Crimson Moon

Fallen is the throne with darkness overthrown…the light drifts away. Glory to those who raise the Dragons sign before the altar of chaos and chant the sacred names, that

Carpe Noctem – Crimson Moon

Into the Darkness thy spirit wanders through the opaque skies I ride. Unto the Ancient moon I offer my blood before the graveside. Carpe Noctem, spirits of the night,

Amidst Labyrinthes Of Depression – Crimson Moon

I descend to my depths. To live on is to bask in pain. Misery is thy mortality. I find myself amidst Labyrinthes of Depression. I wander the endless hallways,

The Withering Rose Of Purity – Crimson Moon

A curse unto thy Adversary whose essence, shall wither away. … and so shall the Rose of Purity, wither. I am the freezing touch that takes life away, I

Kingdom Of Shadows – Crimson Moon

the whispering winds carry souls of the dead, Unto the throne I am summoned (and) once again I rule the sunless sky. In the kingdom of Shadows, where the

Raise The Horns Of Battle – Crimson Moon

Towards the synagogue, with thirst for Semite blood… From a trail of churches Burning. Under the Haunting Moon, with sword in hand I ride and I exalt the horns

The Eye Of The Draconis – Crimson Moon

The Morning star which shines amongst black sky, leads me towards astral gates… gates to the paths of the Draconis. Black wings carry me to flight, through elemental planes

Chaos Of The Sea (Mummu Tiamat) – Crimson Moon

She is the Chaos Serpent, the Chaos that dwells in the Sea. She is of primordial essence, and her essence is transcended through me. Spawned from Her are the

Praise Be The Blood Of The Serpent – Crimson Moon

Praise be the blood of the Serpent of Chaos. Rise from the ABSU, serpent of the (salted) sea. Bless us with your kiss of Immortality. Bring forth the blood

Sender Of Nocturnal Visions – Crimson Moon

I rise unto a dark moonless sky and through the dark, I see the distant flames, the torch-lit crossroads where the sender of nightly visions dwells the Ancient roads.

The Stormbringer – Crimson Moon

I summon thee creature of Darkness by the works of Darkness. I summon thee creature of Hatred by the works of Hatred. I summon thee creature of the wastes

Bloodstained Dreams Of The Dragon – Crimson Moon

I travel the serpentine path Into the Nocturnal Forest I enter the shadows of my dreams Over my shoulder watching A bloodstained freezing stare Eyes of crimson watchful Eyes

To Offer Thy Crimson Sacrament – Crimson Moon

under the Veil of Night, before the Crimson Moon. For thou my soul bleeds forever, unto the altars of time. I raise thy Athame, before my own wrist, to