Performer CRISIS

Methodology – Crisis

disease? has the body become the unwilling vessel? hahahaha how simple to peel away the skin and cut away the flesh. to discard and dispose or preserve of brain,

Take The Low Road – Crisis

… in all this time i have learned that no one speaks my language. i learned long ago that i walk alone. (i don’t believe in me) what can

Kingdom’s End – Crisis

i’m bleeding this time for no reason at all. i just miss the feeling of losing it all SO USED TO IT (i am the cave of life and

Surviving The Siren – Crisis

(on beaches of bone the siren sings. and you cover your ears, but it’s the song you used to sing. there’s no escaping as you are pulled into the

Vision And The Verity – Crisis

…met up with my soul again on a cold dark road. it got tired of me a long time ago.(so i’ve been living alone) do you know what it

2 Minutes Hate – Crisis

eyelids close-you shut me out. got run over by your words today, and everyone’s a hazy shade of gray. and i don’t know who i am anymore, don’t know