Free Loop – Daniel Powter

I wont see you tonight so I can keep from going insane But I don’t know enough, I get some kinda lazy day Hey yeah I’ve been fabulous through

Lost On The Stoop – Daniel Powter

I’m in no shape or form You’re just a reject coming down for more When two are receiven, you know I could be there Soon you’re laughing, soon you’re

Song 6 – Daniel Powter

you snapshot the girl in Tuscany I didn’t know recommend at the time you’re acting out of line and I don’t need you any more Seeing something new is

Bad Day – Daniel Powter

You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost They tell me your blue skies fade to grey They tell me your passion’s gone away And I don’t

Stupid Like This (Non-Album Track) – Daniel Powter

And it’s a hopeless situation god knows how And I know And I find Some peace of mind Who’s the man that talks about you now Became a hopeless

Jimmy Gets High – Daniel Powter

So you get high tonight And Jimmy you lied, I wonder if you ever get yourself back here alive So you get high tonight ‘Cause you don’t need nobody

Hollywood – Daniel Powter

Cause we could be together, but nothing lasts forever. Me, I’ll be your fool Pick you up when you fall down Chorus: And you are cross the dancefloor Let

Give Me Life – Daniel Powter

understand my point of view and I’m not bothered I break before I bend give me life, give me life, for what I do. I can’t remember and everything

Lie To Me – Daniel Powter

You my blond It’s high very rode She has She has never really stop She begins and mamy address me I never like all fool fifty first I’ve never

Suspect – Daniel Powter

Tonight, I’ll walk Sit down and let me know my rights Tell about, tell about someone else I know it, I know it This time is suspect there are