Ravenna Strigoi Mortii – Dark Funeral

As The Night Opens, I See Your Face In The Shadow Of The Moon. I See Your Glimmering Eyes, Reflected By The Glittering Snow. Frozen Winds, Whines Over The

Remember The Fallen – Dark Funeral

Honour the fallen heroes See their last resting place Perished in the battle of nations Where they found eternal peace Do you know the use of their decorations? Awarded

Enriched By Evil – Dark Funeral

Satan – Angel Of Darkness Carry Me Through The Seventh Gate. Take Me To The Regions Of Evil, Let Your Flames Surround My Soul. I Have Given You My

Bloodfrozen – Dark Funeral

Awakened by the moonlight of the transylvanian night I hear those mournful cries Whisper from the shadows Mesmerized by the moon I rise from my coffin The moonlight rays

Open The Gates – Dark Funeral

Oh, mighty lord of the evil realm Open the gates to your dominion Save me from this holy light That makes me suffer like a pig Satan lead me

The Fire Eternal – Dark Funeral

At night they call my name Visions Of my journey through the flames Blackened eyes Watching in the fire Horned one Awaits my soul in hell Descended to the

The Dawn No More Rises – Dark Funeral

When blood rains from darkened skies and crying angels die When the sun has burned its last rays and light no more remains When tears of god stains the

The Secrets Of The Black Arts – Dark Funeral

Show me the secrets enshrined The hidden source of eternal wisdom That dwells within the abyss Infernal majesty Guide me in my eternal search Lead me to the ancient

Thy Legions Come – Dark Funeral

My Word Will Set This World Aflame. Hail Me!!! War, War, War… The Earth Trembles, Beneath The All-Conquering Cloven Hooves Of The Black Horde For A Thousand Years, The

Slava Satan – Dark Funeral

In The Name, Of He Who Reigns In The Kingdom Of Fire And Ice Arise Ye Creature Of Satan – Lord. Ascend Your Storms Across This World, And Answer

Satans Mayhem – Dark Funeral

Lying on a cold grave Once mourned now forgotten Since the day I passed the cemetary portals I dwell in a dark emptiness Year after hour, my veins turn

An Apprentice Of Satan – Dark Funeral

A darkened place beyond the eternal death, Hung many victims chained lifeless. Stolen of all their dignity. The dried blood on her pale skin, Witness her beliefs. She’s an

Evil Prevail – Dark Funeral

We Come Through The Dampened Fog Filled Night. Our Armour Shook In Measured Beats. Our Weapons Are Carved With The Symbols Of The Great Demon God. We Are Inlaid

My Dark Desires – Dark Funeral

Father I call your name upon the furious winds I’m possessed by the spiritual strenght of hell In the chamber of my dark heart a black flame burns Satan

Ineffable King Of Darkness – Dark Funeral

I Am One With Satan. I Am The Horned Beast. I Am Thy Mighty Emperor. Ruler Of The Dark Domain. My Body Is A Temple. Wherein All Demons Dwell.

When Angels Forever Die – Dark Funeral

Descend across the sky Arrival of the horned The coming of our lord Lucifer Thy legions are set free Demon hordes Awaiting his return Dark age Kingdoms lost in

Dead Skin Mask – Dark Funeral

Graze the skin with my finger tips The brush of dead cold flesh pacifies the means Provocative images delicate features so smooth A pleasant fragrance in the light of

In The Sign Of The Horns – Dark Funeral

Unholy master Satan, take my blackened soul Show me the secret gate Where the lord of darkness rule Take away my life Take it far away Take it to

The Black Winged Horde – Dark Funeral

Open Your Portals, Infernal Lord. Oh, Great Opener Of The Way Come Forth Hear My Calls, Blast Ye Forth Through The Gates Unholy Master Spread Your Wings Fly Then