Graven Takeheimens Saler – Dark Throne

нkstid, Sverdtid, ufred var der ikke – dog var er byllepestens plager. Ingen gjestet frender, ingen gjestet prest, ingen drog til byen, uten lanse og til hest. I Opphavs

Earth’s Last Picture – Dark Throne

We sail the seas, of negativity to banish kindness from this place (Sans scruples, sans humility) To behold the fierceness of wolves assailing ye saints thoroughly (Sans love, sans

As Flittermice As Satans Spys – Dark Throne

Fordone by Mournful rest now seeking to be fed again Rising terrestrial power umbraged by celestial light That Shineth Forth from the palace of god – the palace of

Summer Of Diabolical Holocaust – Dark Throne

Pure demonised blessing as I kill myself in woe Alls souls coloured the pace of the moon Shall suffer the religious You must know that I can no longer

I En Hall Med Flesk Og MjнD – Dark Throne

Under en Svart himmel – hvorfra Regnet fosset ned. Ingen for dithen – for a hugge liket ned, for ingen kunne vite – hrorhen hengingen fant sted Ensom mann

Where Cold Winds Blow – Dark Throne

I Can not reach my Rusty Weapons the Blood and Sword that Guided my Path for they Drowned in the Sands of Wisdom I was, indeed, a King of

Under A Funeral Moon – Dark Throne

The chilling steel open my veins Blood staines my skin Silver chalice must be filled Drinking the poisoned blood I enter my shadowed coffin Two goathorns in my hands

Natassia In Eternal Sleep – Dark Throne

Tears fall as I think of you The true memory you left me with Is a key to the wine of melancholy I drown myself in the deepest of

Transilvanian Hunger – Dark Throne

the Mountains are Cold Cold Cold Soul Cold Your hands are cruel careful… pale… To Haunt, to Haunt forever at Night Take me in your daylight slumber can’t you