Of Chaos And Eternal Night – Dark Tranquillity

By the wind and by time, by everything that flees A torment of my liking exploring extremes Allthoughts secluded as fear stalks its blooded soil In the winding path

Rundown – Dark Tranquillity

Cowardice, this chain of events Gather and plot the ensnaring of me (ensnaring) Gone now the sense of lust Is there a cost for the reckless excess? Taken in

Void Of Tranquillity – Dark Tranquillity

In orbit they pass around you – the memories from abandoned past Images from within your mind bring unknown feelings into your veins Delve into thy twillight past, a

My Faeryland Forgotten – Dark Tranquillity

Labyrinth of time… Mine alone for now and ever more (I’m all alone…) …And I flew Above sepulchral monoliths, Nebulously dancing beneath the dew (Of morning, in ye twilightland

Midway Throught Infinity – Dark Tranquillity

Wings of fire burn the night Slumbering eyes their flares shall greet Let the past cling on to its futile self And may the present rush for the future’s

Tongues – Dark Tranquillity

yours be the sharp and the vile Glide neath my skin storm trough my nerves I bury the nomad years hours in the earth couldn’t exorcise these searing, peaking

Cornered – Dark Tranquillity

There never was a night like this How could there ever be Through sweat and velvet misery The fever race in me Cornered in a symetrical design Spherelike chrome

Hedon – Dark Tranquillity

How hungry have we become; Like animals naked in shame Fed with the hooves of apocalypse that galloped down, disordered worlds behind >From word to a word I was

Undo Control – Dark Tranquillity

In these arms of the stranger And there in silence though were words of no milder So in thinking of that madness That ravage the thoughts In the loneliest

Freecard – Dark Tranquillity

Anger paled, for in this fear The theft of privacy We all see it break sometimes, See it tear us apart That which left behind Screams out loud this

Exposure – Dark Tranquillity

Rise I say Yes rise above!! ‘Cause evil is as evil does What evil does to me Down you go To lands below Evil is what evil does The

Through Ebony Archways – Dark Tranquillity

There is a silent man in a tower Mute in a blinded world Yet words dance on virgin lips Freezing the winds of blood Clad in layers of darkest

Not Built To Last – Dark Tranquillity

What came as no surprise To a jaded mind no less Insight comes to soothing grace Left to waiting days ..another chord unstrummed Our secret’s safe and sound Solid

Indifferent Suns – Dark Tranquillity

And although it can be argued Whether time will ever come to end There is an overcoming sense of failing If you never can see the end In the

Skywards – Dark Tranquillity

Cast out from a world of selfdeceit In senseless fear of denial Forgive the others indifference And on paths of wisdom trait In grief thou shalt not wander With

A Bolt Of Blazing Gold – Dark Tranquillity

A bolt of blazing gold, Lifted from the horizon’s edge Another radiant dawn sends new hope, Avowed my hearty pledge My yearning to be part Of nature’s truthful solitude

Alone – Dark Tranquillity

“Let me die”, I cried as the curtain fell And I stared in woe at the world before me My weeping eyes could not bear to tell Or the

Crimson Wind – Dark Tranquillity

Force of anger, Mordant senseless wrath Manifold is the terminus of oneself Invocate ye lord of the left-behinds Preserve a seat for the weakened minds Reserving that limpid yet

Lethe – Dark Tranquillity

Lethe, give me to drink of the fluid that disintegrates and lend me the sweet balmond blessing of forgetfulness, empty and strong Hold me near, unravel the stars as

In Tears Bereaved – Dark Tranquillity

Beautiful, oh web of stars That looms amid the sons of Earth Enfolds me in thine sylvan arms That unity’s vehement charms Befalls a weary son of earth Beautiful,