Performer DARKNESS

Is It Just Me? – Darkness

make the heart grow fonder or is it ‘out of sight’ out of mind’ i wonder and do you yearn for me when the nights grow cold ’til death

Givin’ Up – Darkness

Where I’m spending all my dough Honey, all she does is nag, nag, nag But I won’t apologise I’d inject into my eyes If there was nowhere else to

One Way Ticket – Darkness

It was a dusty old night and I’m the first to admit it I’m sure i upset someone But my memory has chosen to omit it A tiny voice

Get Your Hands Off My Woman – Darkness

In Latino lover mode We all know what’s on your agenda We’ve broken the code Oh I’ve got no right to lay claim to her frame She’s not my

Blind Man – Darkness

Oh, he sheds a tear because he just can’t hear the children singing How he used to fantasize Of standing next to some children who are doing singing Ah!

Love Is Only A Feeling – Darkness

And I knew that to you and into your life I had to get I felt light-headed at the touch of this stranger’s hand An assault my defenses systematically

Stuck In A Rut – Darkness

Propelled by a carriage of aluminium am I No more to rot in this sty Turn my back on this shit-hole in the blink of an eye Gimme the

English Country Garden – Darkness

I saw her pushing that wheelbarrow She said have you got a match. I said yes My cock and Farmer Giles’ prizewinning marrow Frolicking in the summer fields were

Holding My Own – Darkness

My life is so exciting now I’ve got my space Like a splash of water on my face Lately I’m doing what I can do to pleasure me I’m

Knockers – Darkness

Living on my own You’re devilish and dirty They say your pushing thirty Well pushing thirty stone Oh Christ, I’m enticed I want you in my sack Your potty

Seemed Like A Good Idea At the Time – Darkness

But you know I would do anything, anything to say I’d cross a thousand miles of broken glass on my hands and knees I would crawl if for a

Bald – Darkness

Baldness has set in His hair, at an alarming pace Running away from his face He’s losing his virility And now he’s masculinity Has been compromised And his libido

Girlfriend – Darkness

Of showing it Yes, I thought our love was here to stay and blowing it Was never on my agenda She meant nothing to me, I meant nothing to

I Believe In A Thing Called Love – Darkness

My heart’s in overdrive and you’re behind the steering wheel. Touching you, touching me Touching you, god you’re touching me I believe in a thing called love Just listen

Growing On Me – Darkness

I don’t know what to do I don’t even know who is growing on who ‘Cos everywhere I go you’re there I Can’t get you out of my hair

Love On The Rocks With No Ice – Darkness

When you come home just to relay All the events that made your heart bleed And the ones that ruined your day We’re not as close As everybody thinks

Friday Night – Darkness

Do you remember me I used to sit next to you at school We indulged in all the extra-curricular activites We weren’t particularly cool Monday cycling Tuesday gymnastics Dancing

Hazel Eyes – Darkness

A town that once could boast prosperity She had trekked for many moons from a land afar But the cruel nets had emptied the northen sea And she said

Black Shuck – Darkness

The parishioners were visited upon By a curious beast And his eyes numbered but one and shone like the sun And a glance beckoned the immediate loss Of a

Dinner Lady Arms – Darkness

That was a long time in the past You went through changes and I walked away And I have regretted that to this day I may not always have