Performer DARKSEED

Atoned For Cries – Darkseed

through current flows, through solitude your stroke my cheek, this weird voice a mistry night where my lute cries This distant sounds they flee from me conceil my dread,

Chariot Wheels – Darkseed

Webs with colours gray But she still delights mirrors magic sights When the moon was overhead The red-crossed knight forever kneeled like the branch of stars we see She

The Bolt Of Cupid Fell – Darkseed

and dig deep wounds in Your beauty now Your youth’s proud livery so gazed on me tomorrow will be darkened sealed Look how a bird lies tangled in a

Love’s Heavy Burden – Darkseed

Can I go forward, when my heart is here? I cannot be here, here and there there and here for You and I are past our dancing days I

That Kills My Heart – Darkseed

In great streams rains the joy of mine My blood speaks to You in vein Fare well until we meet again! You knocked onto my face alightened at my

Last Dream – Darkseed

Virgirn is singing – apparition of your death exterior of the dark’s standing deep in fern white robe’s waving in fog like her pitch-dark hair your past was grey,

Watchful Spirits Care – Darkseed

and round she turned my sake My hands in need, and gave herself indeed I met a girl down in the meads A fading rose was on her cheeks

You Will Come – Darkseed

so fare You well I lost all hopes, truth may come to light and die And for my love I pray You, wrong me not Let us all ring

Forgetfulness – Darkseed

And I bare the light my breath to hold Early seen unknown, but know too late How came this gentle concord can You tell me was it fate? I

Frozen Tears – Darkseed

where the eternal dark’s crying so near cold wind plays with my minds when the fog appears and lovely words will change to screams When i sleep i mount

Self Pity Sick – Darkseed

I feel You shake, a deed so wrong, wrong in my head Vino two for one today Kiss this bleeding curse away Realscapes away Iron in the air, Your

Senca – Darkseed

far away, far away Thunder die, heartache cry Star-crossed light never meant far, far away… Whisper trance-enchants and fear! Light and flags, hope and fear Start to think and

In Broken Images – Darkseed

with fine falling snow this myth now melts away through bloody archways it flows upstream to see this heartache parching me it burns my gaiety, taking down it’s golden

Above The Edge Of Doom – Darkseed

this torrent could be thine turbid water cannot gleam your amity to truth departs The moonlit sky is lighting up in lands where shadows dream my thoughts I want

The Sealing Day – Darkseed

Shall I compare You to a winter’s day? Pull down Your vanity, I say pull down! A world of made is not a world of born I all alone