Performer DARKSIDE

Deadly – Darkside

This was the only song we didn’t have lyrics for, when we went into the studio. As we were searching for some sound effects at some local radio station,

Shadowfields – Darkside

A Bleeding Face Of Pain One Voice Sounds Sobing With Horror That Grows Expired, Unsure And Sweet Doing Prayers With Decaying Souls A Miserable Play Before Prayers With Stoned

Dying World – Darkside

there is black silent marching in the wood seems to be sheer minutes of destruction why do you stand still decay house of your father why do raise up

In Your Eyes – Darkside

Disfigured, Desecrated, Spitten Upon The Cross We Hate This God Before Whom The Pauper Kneel Steel Our Heart, Steel Our Soul In Ardent Desire For Death Not Even Born

Emesis Of The Soul – Darkside

just a fucked-up soul… Breath of feverish poison Leads my mind in spheres Feeling myself clinched, locked A bloody sabbath of my life Bloodstained blossoms My heart belches seas

The Gloaming – Darkside

Godless dimension, cries of pain Violated bodies of hatred Black lakes burning Souls of the damned Waking the beast down below Slender the shores of decay Bow for the

Souls Of Led Blackness – Darkside

my heart is steaming with deadly, soilent lust well of furious mind made pictures of unnatural mights commanding my will moved by nameless chants and the breath of eternal

In Nomine – Darkside

Lewd Paints Harass Me No Heart Was Ever Caught And Cursed In Such Venial Lust Decay Of Dreammade Fear Overflows My Tired Heart Only Disgust Remained Of Sweetness Bleeding

Shades Of Grief – Darkside

if we die, it? s gods will we can? t do nothing about destiny nothing left but rising light wakes us up with a kiss when the dogs of

Evolution? – Darkside

dads abusing newborn blood prayers from a priest in heat a piece of body cut alive sold out for the highest price a god dethroned is fucking blind stupid

Of Vision And Mental Derangement – Darkside

Rush Of Womans’ Robe Turns Me To Stone In The Door The Nightly Silhuette Upon My Head A Rising Shade Of Death I Sank With Stoned Mouth In The

Traces Of Red – Darkside

rain covers my face before daylight blood from the slaughter beneath my feet I can? t take it and the red crawls… hot winds, colouring dead trees how silent

The Blood On My Hands – Darkside

You Open The Door To Into The Bride’s Room It’s The Secret It’s Decay Born From Fleshe’s Deepest Need Rose Upon My Altar – I¦M The Rose On Your

Gedanken – Darkside

rasend peitscht Gottes Zorn die Stirn des Besessenen…. Georg Trakl (1887 – 1914) Rise The madness of a big city where in the evening near Walls stare crippeled trees

Noohoorsh – Darkside

Called Usketnan Long Time Before Our History. At The Beginning Of Our Story You Can Find Yourself In The Inner Sanctum Of The Main Temple, Where A Mysterious Woman

Prelude / Melancholia – Darkside

when the dead paint with white hands a laughing silence on the wall the sleeper whispers still unfold nymphic hands mother silent sings goodnight peacefully the child smiles with