Performer DEATH

Symbolic – Death

But i can’t help myself When i feel the vibe And taste a memory Of a time in life When years seemed to stand still I close my eyes

Low Life – Death

Those who are a waste of life Use up air that others could breathe Human leaches all around Looking superior is what they believe Fake is a world you

Baptized In Blood – Death

Submerged in blood, the dead they smile Growing possessed, burning inside A bloody feast for us tonight The way of death Is growing hear just take my hand Skies

Crystal Mountain – Death

Passed down from self-induced fantasy Turn a page to justify Conjuring power – it open wide On your seventh day, Is that how it’s done? Twisting your eyes to

Mutilation – Death

Slicing deep, into your flesh, the pain intense Dreams of hate, misery, fill my mind Puke in your face in disgust, it’s time to die You must die in

Killing Spree – Death

To the world around he was the perfect person Planning for an alibi he then starts rehearsing A human bomb just waiting to explode This secret rage can’t be

Living Monstrosity – Death

Every day blows by in the world of corrupt addiction With live comes pain withdrawals and deformation Breaking the mold of human appearance Contorting bodies with chemical interference The

Misanthrope – Death

Observation are collected Knowledge is taken in by curious life forms That may bring hope from beyond Beneath the giver of life, our sun An examination of another kind

The Flesh And The Power It Holds – Death

I told you once but I will say it again when you live the flesh it is the beginning of the end it will take you in it will

Painkiller – Death

Faster than a bullet Terrifying scream Enraged and full of anger He’s half man and half machine Rides the Metal Monster Breathing smoke and fire Closing in with vengeance

Born Dead – Death

Brought to this world to wither away Naive about the ways of life is what they say Millions live millions die, more are yet to come Living skeletons –

Perennial Quest – Death

And envolves into soul-felt questins On the stones that we walk And chose to make our path Sometimes never knowing Other times knowing too much Filtering out the bad

Suicide Machine – Death

Deciding when and how they will die A victim of some one else’s choice The ones who suffer have no voice Manipulating destiny When it comes to living no

Scream Bloody Gore – Death

Sucking all the blood from you stump Intestinal guts taking their hold Leaving you dead, stiff and cold Controling the minds of the bloodthirsty dead Unholy seizure slicing through

Zombie Ritual – Death

Smell the stench, your guts will spill Vomit for a mind, maggots for a cock With his axe the corpse will chop Stare into his eyes Now in his

Forgotten Past – Death

Deep in your mind there is another side A morbid truth one cannot hide Unimaginable gore was your past time high To hear people scream, to watch them die

Mentally Blind – Death

Your every word filled with sarcasm Crucify people with invisible knowledge Verbal destruction with each compulsion We will see where you go The future for you is nowhere Every

1,000 Eyes – Death

Emerging as prisoners To the emptiness of time To the left and to the right From behind – they’re out of sight Plunging into a new found Age of

Regurgitated Guts – Death

Unfaithful servant goes straight to hell When he returns your life will end Down from the skies maggots descend Least expecting his horrible face Your decayed guts you soon

Within The Mind – Death

Transforming your live from the inside out Overcoming fear that made your doubt Observing what is stored in the subconscious Trusting what you feel with your gut responses See