Performer DECEASED

The Silent Creature – Deceased

Ghastly research carries on locked behind a door While cancer cells still breed like roaches killing off the land They disturb peace and destroy life, for this we all

Fearless Undead Machines – Deceased

The final proof that death is life The reapers army built to kill a tragic return to our world I can see the terror in their eyes that empty

The Triangle – Deceased

And many men have spoke of doom, aboard the Flight 19 The devil’s home, some do preach, a force beyond this world A secret time, that’s part of us,

Mysterious Research – Deceased

It’s the zombies versus the world Trembling scalpels invading the minds of creatures we so little know But studies are slow and time’s moving fast To question these cause

Graphic Repulsion – Deceased

Their veins are flowing with the blood of death The final act, the last taboo Yes! It’s truth the dead will feast on you These savage ghouls of obscene

Alternate Dimensions – Deceased

A siege of overcome fear, a needle of medicine weird I visit my mind from afar, it floats weak, sick in a jar The pain, the strength, to fight

Destiny – Deceased

The masterplan defeasted by the laws of earth’s beliefs And in death’s costume now I live a lonely, empty corpse Existing matter left to wait infinity’s demise For all

Negative Darkness – Deceased

And the angel of sorrow will fly Witness this horror unveiled, the story, this every day tale The ending of precious mankind, as powerful darkness unwinds It searched for

Into The Bizarre – Deceased

Imagination enslaves my only life Fear feeds fear in all minds Laughter, taunting, sickos haunting My last chance a game to thee “Tarnished outcome”, yells their “leader” But there’s

Night Of The Deceased – Deceased

The awful ground engulfs the dead, so sacred and alone The world did spoil as their hearts grew cold And the weird were born What once was death now

The 13 Frightened Souls – Deceased

peacefully. A horrid tale a frightful day now locked in history. As one by one the chosen gone some final place they’ll stay. Forever lost as all stands still

The Psychic – Deceased

Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come You see they predicted monsters from the ground to swallow man Safely in their fortress they live as if there

A Reproduction Of Tragedy – Deceased

But you have the past, the memories go beyond The time has come, the loss of a dear soul to death The end of a life, the start of

Beyond Science – Deceased

To bring the living to death What’s to stop these ghouls of gore From eating all our birth Beyond science stands the answer To which there is no cure

Morbid Shape In Black – Deceased

Killing life’s roses so red? Hooded, defeated, as a cloak hides a name Making my mind demented It seems to be living, but yet it looks ill Not moving

Haunted Cerebellum – Deceased

Oozing its way into the brain of a symbol they once called god To rip and to tear shatter and kill awful destruction is now fulfilled All their lives

Midnight – Deceased

The sharpened clock, it tells the time, and yes, It all stands still The missing link, a thousand worlds, What does this all reveal? A given time, another plane,

Unhuman Drama – Deceased

I’ve seen the terror and watched the dead molest my loved ones gone With death so pale these ruling monsters will leave their mark on me As I lose