Go – Def Leppard

Has to be told, it must We spread amongst us so the world can hear it We got to get it right This time, if we just fight Innocence

Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard

You and me babe, hey hey Love me like a bomb, baby, c’mon get it on Livin’ like a lover with a radar phone Lookin’ like a tramp, like

Miss You In A Heartbeat – Def Leppard

That shouldn’t be from time to time. I sure found out, for love was such a crime. The more you care, the more you fall. No need to worry,

Ring Of Fire – Def Leppard

A feast of spice in the night is what I need Ooh I’m a-ready to roar, and I’m a-ready for more Well I’m a-ready to burn like the light

All I Want Is Everything – Def Leppard

And I don’t know how to stay I’ve got things that I must tell you That I don’t know how to say The man behind these empty words Is

High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night) – Def Leppard

I been drinking all day Yes I got a date, a midnight ride I had to get it away Yeah, I’m not a loner, I’m not a fool Don’t

Answer To The Master – Def Leppard

And the memories that you hold Bring a light to your eyes Though you know it’s disguise When the night turns to day You turn around and say Magic

Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) – Def Leppard

You’re just a fortune wheel with something that I wanna ask Mirror mirror got my fate lyin’ in your hands You’re the fool, you’re the juggler Hangman and lover,

C’mon C’mon – Def Leppard

C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon Everybody everyone C’mon c’mon C’mon c’mon Baby, baby, won’t you give me a good time Squeeze me, please me, make it

Bad Actress – Def Leppard

Hollywood screams from your bedroom wall You can’t get away from the thrill of it all Bye-bye baby Get me out of here I’m done A girl gone crazy

Overture – Def Leppard

That I bring to you A beacon of light To see you through For time is on our side And a holy man Does say to me To always

To Be Alive – Def Leppard

Like I believe it Oh no, it’s not your fault You sit alone inside a room Wait for the world to come to you They never do It must

When Love & Hate Collide – Def Leppard

Instead of slamming down the phone girl, for the hundredth time I got your number on my wall, but I ain’t gonna make that call When divided we stand

Hello America – Def Leppard

Hello America, Hello America Well I’m takin’ me a trip I’m going down to California Yeah, I’m gonna try Hollywood and San Pedro Bay, yeah yeah I’ll tell ya

Rocks Off – Def Leppard

When a knock on the dressing room door Gave way to a leather jacket little girl Who we’d never ever seen before In her red satin dress And her

Excitable – Def Leppard

(Stand up, say yeah, stand up) (Stand up, say yeah, stand up, never go down) Hey! Stand up! Check it out! Ah, this o-o-obsession It’s gettin’ a-invitin’ A little

Everyday – Def Leppard

You show me the way to love There ain’t no doubt I was together and never apart Disappeared didn’t say a word I slept right through Guess I never

Die Hard The Hunter – Def Leppard

No angel of mercy just a need to destroy (fire away, fire away) Let’s toast the hero with blood in his eyes The scars on his mind took so

Promises – Def Leppard

I said a million things I’d never say I was knocked right down, it got to me Gonna get me some of your chemistry You want me to promise

Back in Your Face – Def Leppard

I’m back in your face like I’ve never been away I’m back in your face and it’s where I’m gonna stay Like a runaway mack, lika a union jack