Performer DEICIDE

The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Deicide

A failed abortion to misfortune and scorn The kindred spirit with a soul that’s possessed I walk alone through the valley of death Am I a figment of imagination?

Apocalyptic Fear – Deicide

Retaliation, attack Full force of the war machine You think you hear him calling you back Kick down the blessed doors to god We got some killing to do

Mephistopheles – Deicide

To write the book of evil Terminus of the overture Recite the role of power Schizophrenic reflex, vesicate, mutlate Refuse the force on which you die Myrmidon of Goethe

Deicide – Deicide

I can strike the light and see through the truth For I’m the Deicide, Dominus, what could you do Thou has falled you now, once again and always will

I Am No One – Deicide

Horror of evil, created mistake Ruthless and wicked, I feast with the damned I am the cyst on your lord’s holy lamb Fuck your religion with blood on its

Forever Hate You – Deicide

I am a knife in your back, a constant reminder of what it could be You are doomed to repeat all the things that you do Right decision, to

Believe The Lie – Deicide

Hypnotized by his infliction Go to him, he is your savior Leave this place, do us a favor Believe the lie of a god you’ll never know Prepare to

Dead But Dreaming – Deicide

In search of the ancient artistry Lord Kur, before your sword I see The house of death is opening Hanging from their primal sleep Forbidden to be seen Sprit

Trifixion – Deicide

Blaspheming god, my body was possessed The essence of their spirits are evil Burning my flesh, inhaling no regrets A diabolic sentence of destruction Burning I bleed, unholy incision

Blame It On God – Deicide

It is his will that this world’s suffering If we do not believe what you foretell We can expect afterlife will be hell You are the one who killed

This Is Hell We’re In – Deicide

Time growing shorter with every regret Efforts subceeding, I’m losing restrain Insincere promise I’ve broken again Nothing can touch me for once I am dead Exclude the body, the

Oblivious To Nothing – Deicide

Evil night of an evil death Epitome of Illusion Sacrifice of the unborn child Enter the kingdom of darkness Sodomized for the ritual For there is nowhere to run

Crucifixation – Deicide

Lead: Brian Dynical existence, crucifixion You will give pralse to Satan Lord of lords, kind of kings Spread your wings Haunted by the righteous one, bent of my repention

Halls Of Warship – Deicide

And the destruction he has promised to us all Their sick conviction to the ending of the world Live in prediction he will soon be back on Earth They

Refusal Of Penance – Deicide

Endless speculation, why would I repent? If I find salvation and the book of hymns Their annihilation will not get me in Expose god religion to my dying death

Sacrificial Suicde – Deicide

Incus fear of the sphere, angel darkness disappears Covenant, blasphemous, open up unhollness Father Satan, let me just unholy sins Chorus: Suicide sacrifice Desrtuction of holy life Blood of

Standing In The Flames – Deicide

Nor do I need him or want him around What you expect I could never conceive Kill off your children to fulfill your dream Give them your name and

Oblivious To Evil – Deicide

Evil night of an evil death Epitome of Illusion Sacrifice of the unborn child Enter the kingdom of darkness Sodomized for the ritual For there is nowhere to run

Dead By Dawn – Deicide

Book of the dead, pages bound in human flesh Feasting the beast, from the blood the words were said I am unseen, dreamt the sacred passage aloud Trapped in

Bastard Of Christ – Deicide

Strike fear preaching of his coming here Scriptures, twisted words to provocate Rapture from the lord your god so great BASTARDS OF CHRIST – DIE!!!! He fucked himself to