Performer DEMON

The Only Sane Man – Demon

I can’t come down It’s gone too far Oh I can’t come down It makes no sense Just wasted words Oh I can’t come down I’ve tried to come

Fool To Play The Hard Way – Demon

Like a river you keep flowing through me Feel like I’m drowning Drowning in your love Just how long can I survive With this weight so deep inside I’m

The Writings On The Wall – Demon

Life’s no more exciting after twenty one Than Billy Graham or Mary Millingham with no drawers on Piss artists who feel they’re owed one after time Rise up from

Living In The Shadow – Demon

They stood together back in ’86 Two old soldiers came in search of peace They shared a vodka with their memories Held hands and cried on Armistice They were

Life On The Wire – Demon

Through the morning mist I hear the jungle drum Concrete hugs against the sky Like a needle searching for the vein It feels so cold Wish I was high

Sign Of A Madman – Demon

Somewhere inside a raging storm Is waiting to be free The balance hangs on one slim thread A twisted nerve could blow it All around the heat is on

Total Possession – Demon

Total Possession. I think he’s possessed Total Possession. Don’t say a word, best left to himself now This needs a man of the cloth Heard him speaking in tongues

Hollywood – Demon

Hey you pretty boys and girls D’ya really wanna make it? I like the sexy ones With the long blond curles We’ll supply the make-up You don’t need to

Big Love – Demon

My hair’s too long my pants are too tight I hit the bottle everynight They say I’m lazy good for nuthin’ at all But what I’ve got all make’em

The Plague – Demon

Begin the madness Tear down the sign Ideals and values They use to keep us in line Turn a blind eye to jobless millions Queues of wreckage to be

Breakout – Demon

Breakout You know they’re after us Do you know how far we are? Breakout The dog are closing in Soon we’ll reach the breakers yard Head for the underground

The Big Chance – Demon

I’m going out to blow some bread Soak up the sun, get out of dept I’m gonna see the world I’ll buy up time and send out gifts We’ll

War Games – Demon

Sound the early warning Now put on your mask Get behind the heat shield They got poison gas Missile knows the time and place War-head set to detonate Attack

The Spell – Demon

Take your place in the circle Watch the mystery unwind One cup of your lifeblood Two parts of your mind Thirteen faceless disciples ln a room froze with fear

One Helluva Night – Demon

Living free running wild Ain’t nobody gonna hold us down now, no how We don’t let nuthin’ stand in our way So set ’em up for another round Sleep

Still Worth Fighting For – Demon

Freedom And a chance for a better world Freedom Tonight Freedom And a chance for a better world Freedom Tonight Everywhere you go there’s someone Trying to put you

Commercial Dynamite – Demon

Just to compete was once the prize Now mega bucks are in their eyes We light the torch then stand our ground Money makes the world go round Commercial

Victim Of His Time – Demon

Bring on the dancing girls There’s pink champagne on ice He’s so outrageous you gotta go Just to see the show Valentino had the looks He also had the

Tell Me What You’re Looking For – Demon

Standing in an empty room Staring at the walls of gloom Trying to fix my mind on some romantic place Thinking of a different time When music played and

Nothing Turned Out Right – Demon

I looked in the mirror But someone else had taken my place I pulled on my blue jeans Then found out I was so out of shape So I