My Last Sunrise – Demons & Wizards

The lamb, the rose They don’t exist The lamb, the rose They don’t exist These are my last words I need to rest In fear and anger I’ll lay

Blood On My Hands – Demons & Wizards

And as I bear my inner soul I’ve kept it hidden and safe Fulfill the gods’ desire To hold their waning flame A sacred life And what have started

Winter Of Souls – Demons & Wizards

Facing the storm And there’s no one by my side The curse will take it’s toll Is it justice or a foolish pride As the wind is blowing cold

The Whistler – Demons & Wizards

Beloved mother There is no guilt In what I have done It’s far too late To turn is back To turn is back Slowly they move One by one

Fiddler On The Green – Demons & Wizards

Sad voices they’re calling Our precious girl she can’t be gone How bitter this morning When daddy’s darling Went out and started her day Wasn’t there a dream, last

Heaven Denies – Demons & Wizards

I’ve stained the land Millenniums I’ve prayed Now I know there’s no release Since paradise is lost I hold a crown I know your name But I’m just your

Path Of Glory – Demons & Wizards

For ages now I’ve often faced the fear It’s hard to see Old memories are clouding my mind It’s beyond this life I know the secrets are within me

Poor Man’s Crusade – Demons & Wizards

The Holy Ghost can’t save you anymore Your souls are condemned to burn in hell Damned for all time So spoke the noble one He convinced us all He

Gallows Pole – Demons & Wizards

Endless stairs A guiding light It seams to shine bright But it’s cold Wicked signs will mark our way Wicked signs will mark our way Mark our way Mark

Tear Down The Wall – Demons & Wizards

Deep in the void My heart still bleeds Azrael I am the only one Here on the edge of life Leaving this world behind Dance on the edge of