Nothing’s Impossible – Depeche Mode

I’ll need a miracle to help me this time I heard what you said, and I feel the same I know in my heart that I’ll have to change

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

Someone to hear your prayers Someone who cares Your own personal Jesus Someone to hear your prayers Someone who’s there Feeling unknown And you’re all alone Flesh and bone

Freestate – Depeche Mode

Listen to your spirit sighing I can feel your desperation Emotional deprivation Let yourself go Let yourself go Let your feelings show Picking up the conversations Deep in your

Sister Of Night – Depeche Mode

When the hunger descends And your body’s a fire An inferno that never ends An eternal flame That burns in desire’s name Sister of night When the longing returns

Get The Balance Right – Depeche Mode

Little house in the countryside Understand, learn to demand Compromise, and sometimes lie Get the balance right Get the balance right Be responsible, respectable Stable but gullible Concerned and

But Not Tonight – Depeche Mode

But I’m not complaining It’s filling me up With new life The stars in the sky Bring tears to my eyes They’re lighting my way Tonight And I haven’t

Here Is The House – Depeche Mode

Where it all happens Those tender moments Under this roof Body and soul come together As we come closer together And as it happens It happens here In this

Told You So – Depeche Mode

Walk upon the flowers And walk upon their brothers While the heads are busy lying low Trying to keep to cover…oh Something went wrong Along the way Everybody’s waiting

In Your Room – Depeche Mode

Where time stands still Or moves at your will Will you let the morning come soon Or will you leave me lying here In your favourite darkness Your favourite

Blasphemous Rumours – Depeche Mode

Whole life ahead of her Slashed her wrists Bored with life Didn’t succeed Thank the lord For small mercies Fighting back the tears Mother reads the note again 16

Home – Depeche Mode

From the wrong side of town Where I’m bound To the ground By the loneliest sound That pounds from within And is pinning me down Here is a page

Sacred – Depeche Mode

Holy To put it in words To write it down That is walking on hallowed ground But it’s my duty I’m a missionary So here is my confession It’s

Mercy In You – Depeche Mode

When my heart bleeds I suffer from greed A longing to feed On the mercy in you I can’t conceal The way I’m healed The pleasure I feel When

I Want It All – Depeche Mode

It’s oceans that I want You have to give me everything Everything’s not enough It’s my desire To give myself to you Sometimes Sometimes I try Sometimes I lie,

Damaged People – Depeche Mode

Drawn together By subtleties that we are not aware of Disturbed souls Playing out forever These games that we once thought we would be scared of When you’re in

Dream On – Depeche Mode

Long and spindly Death becomes me Heaven can you see what I see Hey you pale and sickly child You’re death and living reconciled Been walking home a crooked

See You – Depeche Mode

Is that too much to ask for I just want to see your sweet smile Smiled the way it was before Well I’ll try not to hold you And

Dreaming Of Me – Depeche Mode

Film was broken only then All the night, fused tomorrow Dancing with a distant friend Filming and screening, I picture the scene Filming and dreaming, dreaming of me And

When The Body Speaks – Depeche Mode

The body listens What the flesh requires Keeps the heart imprisoned What the spirit seeks The mind will follow When the body speaks All else is hollow I’m just

Goodnight Lovers – Depeche Mode

Album: Exciter Titolo: Goodnight Lovers Here, somewhere in the heart of me There is still a part of me That cares And I’ll, I’ll still take the best you’ve