Remember (Je T’aime, Taverne Noir) – Depressive Age

I am married now and I white you from Lyon, I drink no more, I smoke real less, you know ’cause I’m pregnant since you’ve been gone. My husband

New Machine Wisdom – Depressive Age

Chill line U to love craft U to lovecraft Q Liquid C to Geymour C to Geymour P Robots form their head loops, form their head loops to: New

Featherflute – Depressive Age

Chemistry has boiled her strings She said: “Built your hut on my wing” Kilja is the bird who ‘catch my fall from a bridge with suicide toll Now I

Teenage Temples – Depressive Age

of the cold war parties to research the psycho base in the influence and cause they need free young slaves Teenage temples spread their wings fly to young men’s

Electric Scum – Depressive Age

Walk through the sightseeing floor, the escalator was filled with lucky, light shining faces in a glittering mall which spot the label signs on, on the wall A blister

Weird Boy – Depressive Age

street stones Now they shoot along the drain ground lights They join a gamble with the ground water to win the wipping willow tears where gold sparks hide Here

Toyland Hills – Depressive Age

and a sunny day to play We were the key kids in the T-block city part but where are they today? I cannot tell you things ’bout wild woods

Cairo Crabat – Depressive Age

flows Retron the moon milk drink Metamorphosis turns ravishing Liquid waves quard the bowl A star leads the Retron soul Cairo has focused countdown to 0 Airport please come