I’ll Find My Way – Derek Trucks Band

In each man’s life, To find your way, Or fall behind Who you are, Is the path you take, And I’ll find my way, Through your mistake Sometimes your

I Wish I Knew – Derek Trucks Band

I wish I could break, all the chains holding me I wish I could see, everything I had to see Sing it loud, sing it clear, for the whole

Crow Jane – Derek Trucks Band

Don’t you hold your head so high, Someday, baby, you know you gotta die. I’m gonna buy me a pistol, Long as I am tall, Shoot Crow Jane just

I’d Rather Be Blind, Crippled And Crazy – Derek Trucks Band

Standin’ my pride, even though I know I can’t win I’m tired, of you messin’ up my tide You got yours, let me-let me have mine I’d rather be

Volunteered Slavery – Derek Trucks Band

Volunteered slavery has got me on the run Volunteered slavery has got me on the run Oh volunteered slavery, oh volunteered slavery Oh volunteered slavery, slavery Volunteered slavery is

All I Do – Derek Trucks Band

You left me moaning at your back door Your dog is barking now, back for more Took everyday yeah, and every night You know the mood is gonna fit

Sailing On – Derek Trucks Band

I can hear sweet voices singin, hear sweet music playin Sailin’ on, sailin’ on Oh, I wish you were here with me when I’m sailin on Well, the spring,

Down In The Flood – Derek Trucks Band

Water’s gonna overflow Swamps gonna rise And no boats gonna row You can train on down To Williams Point You can bust your feet You can rock this joint

Days Is Almost Gone – Derek Trucks Band

I saw things get out of hand Now I’m older in the story I realize where I’ve been It’s time I finally said These days is almost gone These

Revolution – Derek Trucks Band

I see us walking to a better day Gonna be alright when tomorrow comes After the heat of the revolution One world forever One world, I see One world