Performer DESASTER

Havoc Mass – Desaster

Morbid world reality Raping all their vanity On heavens killing fields Pure violent philosophy Rage for order, hell supreme Souls of sickness hear the call Await the final fall

Victim Of My Force – Desaster

The moon is round, my slaughter is on Like a shadow in demonic light I’m haunting and prowling and stalking the night First Chorus: Victim / Of my Force

Conqueror’s Supremacy – Desaster

Take their pride Cleanse their souls Break their minds Engulfing all what’s Trinity Breed of renewal Burn their eyes Engulf their signs Teach them life Demonspawn Rise in chaos

Beasts Of Wrath And Victory – Desaster

deep in my eyes I hail those ancient glory times As watcher beneath the skies In Silence grand and divine I would never lead again – my legions that

The Blessed Pestilence – Desaster

And the 14th century had seen Pandemic spawned out at black sea While Kaffa lay siege to Khan Djam Bek’s hordes His soldiers fall one by one The pest

Profanation – Desaster

My name is cast with fear Behold my signs I feel my presence Then gods creations end is near In league with the devil Black magic is blazing in

Battle Oath – Desaster

armour shines in the last sunrays The battle stands before I know Ancient power will guide our way. CHORUS: as long as we will beware the mysteries and the

Divine Blasphemies – Desaster

Divine am I!? Demonic powers end all life I Crush and slay the holy lambs as spitting purest pestilence The vision’s clear, my mission’s done Fear my greed for

Disciples Of Darkness – Desaster

Mark of death Your wikced force we feel Dark secrets are revealed The elders key To wisdom and to pride We summon up all our might Army of vengeance

Alliance To The Powerthrone – Desaster

On furious wings of anger On victorious wings we ride We command the claw of death The hate of war we bare To protect this forgotten shrine A journey

Call On The Beast – Desaster

Out where the oldest aoks stand We praise the unholy lord The ultimate sin we command “We will fight – we will win” The warriors around the stone altar

Sworn To Avenge – Desaster

Nocturnal creatures in black armour Gather under a dark sky Spells are broken in conspiracy A chalice of blood held high Summon the spirits from down below To strenthen

Ghouls To Strike – Desaster

Await the fire! Sickness rules my life crime The devil taught me a long time Await, can’t prove my justice Forsaken bastard take this A fuck of death just

Nighthawk – Desaster

Deep down in The mist A black Creature dressed in Feathers Secret King of a dying race In The Shadow of a Thousand Stars Upon whirling Clouds he Rides

Necrolord – Desaster

Demons raise their glory blades The fireblast of night awaits We storm the gates to crush them all All those feeble ones shall fall Nocturnal sign leads the way

Revelation Genocide – Desaster

Apocalyptic reign of terror, the arrival of the soul devourer An end to face, an act of war the beginning of new times of wrath Engulf the abscess from

Angelwhore – Desaster

Final instinct, so pure, no signs of guild Feel free to please – no Fucking Time to waste Magical passion like talking to Infinity Internal engine straight ahead to

Nekropolis Karthago – Desaster

Punic power in the Mediterranean Devotion to the archaic gods The city the state of siege Mass sacrifice to appease the gods Unborn ones were pledged to die NEKROPOLIS

…Of Impurity – Desaster

Calling the dogs for war Pure denial of life Preaching cheap holy law Resurrection by demonic blackness Infinity rapes their minds As disease to crawl on the earth As

Downfall Be Thy Blade – Desaster

Just another sheep born to die Always stabbed from behind But deaths still my comrade! Alive! Evolution is calling! Still burning your sickening minds! But you ran out of