Into Eternity – Desultary

Something like this, something I can’t believe Life slips away, I’m begging for it to stay Desperate to stay alive Not ready for death, not ready for afterlife My

Forever Gone – Desultary

Pain and sorrow, inside of me Resurrection, will never be No holy father, no holy son Can bring you back now, forever gone Deathly loss rips apart everything that

Passed Away – Desultary

Your body will rot, start to decay No way to stop this repulsive destiny Maggots will devour what’s left of you and me Intrude the inner organs the flesh

Mushroom Smile – Desultary

end what goes around comes around, here we go again yeah. Can’t you read the patterns, can’t you see the end what goes around comes around, here we go

Visions – Desultary

The final call I hear Darkness falls eternally Inside embraced with fear A growing fear comes over me Scared of what I’ll find Darkest recollections Death intrudes my mind

Taste Of Tragedy – Desultary

Accusation Into the point of No return Give me a shelter From your rain The fall of anger Storm of pain Our surface breaks in Agony Your bitter voice

Life Shatters – Desultary

Are the mirrors of pain The glass in which I stare Are slowly building a palace in my mind Where the memories breeds my fear With halls of mourning

Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow – Desultary

A change of wind and weather into a different kind. It’s like you never passed upon this golden plains. Your life was just a flash, I wish I’d remember

Twisted Emotions – Desultary

Over the blanket of snow The dark and ice-cold water Swirling by deep below I stare with absent eyes Into foam so white Water now in furious rage I’m

Depression – Desultary

Emptiness fills my mind Loss of lifelust, loss of tears Veils of sorrow, end is near Loss of feelings, loss of trust All my visions turns to dust No

Tears – Desultary

Burning my skin, down on their way Bitter tears Filled with dreams, they flow away I had it all Like water it slipped between my hands It disappeared Lonely

The Chill Within – Desultary

You cry out for relief Visions of a future that you’ll never see Memories of the past Traces of sanity are soon to be gone Confusion is all around

The Bitter Man – Desultary

care. Tear off my skin, look deep in my soul and I’ll show the scars I wear. I’m not crying, I’m not crying, I’m not the crying kind but

Enslaved – Desultary

With a lie before your eyes Adapt and die In the endless maze of life Embedded in apathy See the future in the past Too weak to try To

A Closing Eye – Desultary

Feel the loss of paradise, leave an empty heart Closing eyes will shut out, the warm light of a life Grip is fading slowly, for each day passing by

Zone Traveller – Desultary

air they’re breathing there. I race with winds through time and space to catch the marks they are leaving. Raging screams from killing streets. Their toxic wounds are bleeding