Eternal Darkness – Deteriorot

United with our pure hatred of Christ. Lust for the nun, eat her and rape her. Lost in a world of manifestations. Killing the priests with no reservations. Beliefs

Ritual Ceremonies Of Blasphemous Horror – Deteriorot

Chanting the words of evil Lighting the candles in ceremony Casting the spell adorn Releasing the negative energy Calling the spirit within Drawing the strength of the entity The

Vile – Deteriorot

Upon the tears of the slain Tortured screams fill the night The joy you feel from their cries The nightmares of evil You face these horrors from your mind

Fallen Misery – Deteriorot

The Shame is my fate Endless consolations for eternity’s Enlightened you witness this fallen entity In this realm of darkness – Alone into a world of silence you feel

Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits – Deteriorot

The hauntings and depravations of the Christ of blasphemy Beyond the gates for in which you lie, to redeem your sins of life. Angelic chants of their suffering, bleeding