Astray Within The Coffinwood Mill – Diabolical Masquerade

In Chasms and Voids of Doom the Circle of Pandemonium I Stole the Sacred Nimbus of the Kingly Dead Glittering Treasures will Haunt Me Forever Now The Thirteen Words

Cloaked By The Moonshine Mist – Diabolical Masquerade

Swept my Thirst into Shades of Gleams It Spread a Rain of Ethereal Tunes Coloured my Pictures so Freezing Cold By the Shelter of the Night the Pale Silver

The Puzzling Constellation Of A Deathrune – Diabolical Masquerade

Upwards a Shimmering Nightsky of far so Distant Starlight Above the Obsolete Horizonlines Death Came to Reap Towards the Cosmic Hillsides Beyond the Lunar Galaxy Closing Down the Fleshworld

The Castle Of Blackheim – Diabolical Masquerade

Where only the Falling Snow from the Sky managed to Enter A Kingdom Forever Deserted since it’s Birth Forgotten in the Extremest of Storms and Cold A Landscape in

The Blazing Demondome Of Murmurs And Secrecy – Diabolical Masquerade

Unholy Trolls with Magic Scrolls in Spheres of Infernal Fire Glittering Waters of Demonic Daughters An Empire of Gold so Old Web of Moonshine Long lost Timeryhme In Lore

Blackheim’s Quest To Bring Back The Stolen Autumn – Diabolical Masquerade

In late December Cold of the Thousand Winter Season Blackheim took Farewell of his Crypts in the Forestrealms and Rode into the Horizonland Unreachable for Mortals The Mighty Skies