My Love Is – Diana Krall

So firm it can calm the tide My love for you is a mountainside It stands so firm it can calm the tide That’s why my love, my love

Popsicle Toes – Diana Krall

Sure was good to you You can add, subtract, multiply and divide by two I know today’s your birthday and I did not buy no rose But I wrote

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Diana Krall

Along the Milky Way I stopped off at the North Pole To spend a holiday I called on dear old Santa Claus To see what I could see. He

I Was Doing All Right – Diana Krall

Nothing but rainbows in my skies I was doing all right Til you came by. Had no cause to complain Life was as sweet as cherry pie Never minded

Narrow Daylight – Diana Krall

Shining hours were brief Winter is over Summer is near Are we stronger than we believe? I walked through halls of reputation Among the infamous too As the camera

From This Moment On – Diana Krall

From this moment on you for me dear Only two for tea dear from this moment on From this happy day no more blue songs Only hoopty-do songs from

I’m an Errand Girl for Rhythm – Diana Krall

Wrapped all in cellophane, designed for you Tell you what it’s all about It is without a doubt Swing in the latest style Service with a smile If you

Dancing In The Dark – Diana Krall

Dancing in the dark ’til the tune ends We’re dancing in the dark and it soon ends We’re waltzing in the wonder of why we’re here Time hurries by,

It Could Happen To You – Diana Krall

Hide your heart from sight, Lock your dreams at night, It could happen to you. Don’t count stars, Or you might stumble. Someone drops a sigh, And down you’ll

Charmed Life – Diana Krall

I look out to my left and I look to my right It’s simple but in front of me, in back of me Is nothing more than ecstasy A

Black Crow – Diana Krall

Dark and ragged Tree to tree He’s black as the highway that’s leading me Now he’s diving down To pick up on something shiny I feel like that black

I’m Coming Through – Diana Krall

And only saw my Mother’s hand The things I’ve earned They never came too cheap But then the likeness only goes so deep As clouds approach the facing shore

I’ve Got You Under My Skin – Diana Krall

I have got you deep in the heart of me So deep in my heart, you’re really a part of me And I’ve got you under my skin I

Let’s Fall In Love – Diana Krall

I’m concealing, I don’t know why It’s just a mental, sentimental alibi But I adore you So strong for you Why go on stalling I am falling Our love

The Look Of Love – Diana Krall

A look your smile can’t disguise The look of love is saying so much more than just words could ever say And what my heart has heard, well it

I’m Pulling Through – Diana Krall

When I was stranded came your helping hand Lonely, hurt I had not known which way to turn ‘Til you said, “Try smiles, not tears, just laugh and learn”

Baby Baby All the Time – Diana Krall

Once I had a man and he was right for me Kind of curly hair, eyes so soft and true That you couldn’t help but care When he looked

Love Letters – Diana Krall

The night may be moonless, But deep in my heart, there is a glow. For deep in my heart I know that you love me. You love me, because

I’m Thru with Love – Diana Krall

I’ll never fall again Said adieu to love Don’t ever call again For I must have you or no one That’s why I’m thru with love I’ve locked my

Sleigh Ride – Diana Krall

Ring ting tingle-ing too Come on, it’s lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you Outside the snow is falling And friends are calling “You Hoo” Come on,