Performer DIO

Pain – DIO

I choose pain Another day without a heartbeat How can your heart beat If they’ve taken it away For the first time, just don’t think about it Take the

Wild One – DIO

You say you’ve never seen the light before Does anyone believe you Don’t let them hear you say anymore Nothing’s really safe around here We are an imitation of

Don’t Talk To Strangers – DIO

Cause they’re only there to do you harm Don’t write in starlight Cause the words may come out real Don’t hide in doorways You may find the key that

Between Two Hearts – DIO

She never breaks into the conversation He seems to be the reason why she lives She tries to be the perfect kind of stranger But we always seem to

Straight Through The Heart – DIO

It looks like a long long way to fall No one ever told me life was kind I guess I never heard it, never heard it all Living in

My Eyes – DIO

My eyes can see inside tomorrow My eyes can get next to you Time flies on wings that just get stronger My eyes are true My eyes could see

Rock ‘n’ Roll Children – DIO

On the night that they first decided It was blinding with snow On the night that they ran away They were found in the dark But they never returned

Walk On Water – DIO

He’s just an ordinary man Never gonna live forever So he takes it where he can Too many nights without a day For the sake of being clever He

Strange Highways – DIO

And I’m leaving it today For another institution We crazy people play Every time I climb the mountain And it turned into a hill I promised me that I’d

Another Lie – DIO

It’s crazy You can see her but she isn’t there She’s the stealer of the light It’s crazy But you go anywhere It was just a summer night Maybe

Night People – DIO

Do you like the way it moves Do you come alive when neon Kills the sun Are you hypnotized Part of the illusion Oh, see how they run It’s

Invisible – DIO

Then you’re a lucky man Cause it never, never, never has for me In the palace of the virgin Lies the chalice of the soul And it’s likely you

One Night In The City – DIO

He was promised to us all But rides in the night, can lift you out of sight When they call Sally was a princess She was chosen for the

Blood From A Stone – DIO

Pulled like a leaf to the waterfall Everybody’s just pretending I thought that you’d learn by now Ooh, think about it one more time What have you got when

Gypsy – DIO

But you never could tell Cause you were blinded by her light She could crack your brain With magic pain And turn a paler shade of white (Well) I

One Foot In The Grave – DIO

Can’t close my eyes Sleep is just a drug, this must be serious This must be serious Does this go on and on forever Sometimes in the dark I

Born On The Sun – DIO

There’s a crack in the rainbow There’s a hole in the sky You believed in something Now it’s just a lie, yeah No jokes from the jester Not a

Faces In The Window – DIO

I can face the day Then I’ll just fade away Give me shelter Give me shelter Sleep comes – slowly The fire starts to die You open up your

Dream Evil – DIO

You’re ready to fly Don’t think about the darkness Or the rumbling in the sky Somewhere on the morning road Just waiting for you Somethings that just could never

Give Her The Gun – DIO

Daddy’s at the door Just to say I love you Please, please, don’t let him in Is it all beginning again tonight? Somebody make it right! I say: Give