Bleeding Over – Dismember

A reality blown open wide Bruising the minds of millions Serpent of war hovering vast Demanding increase of missiles Finalizing begging eyes Proud and distinguished A human life worth

Retaliate – Dismember

Deathdreams of your future bring my spirit back to life Once again to make you suffer more than you can take Keeping you alive without the hope of healing

Beyond Good And Evil – Dismember

Through the ages from the dawn of man We always searched for deity Forming legends and twisted beliefs Paranoia and selfdeceit Sell your soul to the highest bidder Fooled

Override Of The Overture – Dismember

Behold the overwhelming power Trampled and mangled By the hordes of terror The process of death is our fate to be From the skies blood drips like rain Tell

Apocalyptic Executions – Dismember

Lead: Sahlgren Give in for eternity To your saviour insanity An unavoidable definition Of a primetime killing mission After action, knife in hand Still not able to understand What

Hate Campaign – Dismember

I talked with God today He was feeling weak and depressed Overworked and stressed I gave him what he needed best Crying over his failed creation Could not bear

Mutual Animosity – Dismember

Premonitions sadistic murder visions My future is written in your blood Excruciating intoxicating Pain and pleasure mix as death unfolds I tear your soul apart Revel in your death

Thanatology – Dismember

Auschwitz infamous labor camp Realm of the living dead Systematic method of destruction A thousand souls ablaze And as they die Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals Learn that “Arbeit macht

Patrol 17 – Dismember

Lying still on a snow covered field Watch the enemy through my sight Single column seen from the side It will be like target practise Await the moment and

Enslaved To Bitterness – Dismember

Uncontrollable death desire Rules your darkened world Ensnared in bitterness And self inflicted misery Reality comes crashing in Through your fragile world You realize your weakened state And your

Suicidal Revelations – Dismember

Shallow mind of a weakened kind Unavoidably falling behind Eyes open staring blind Unshaped never divine Climbing on others Scarred psyche leader To fulfill your plans Insanity breeder Wishing

And So Is Life – Dismember

Filling my sadened eyes From personal fears And all once told lies The anger inside Waiting for tomorrow Sinful suicide Wrapped in the cause of sorrow At the fiery

Souldevourer – Dismember

Let your blood flow A last grasp At your dying faith I will eat your soul Your suffering is mine I’ll be your source of pain Dead ends now