Thorns Of Crimson Death – Dissection

See the plains lie ghastly silent as being frozen in time A place of distress where evil still lies vigilant enshrined Years that passed are now centuries and forgotten

Where Dead Angels Lie – Dissection

In the dawn an angel was dancing sorrounded by an aura of light But in the shadows something was watching and with patience awaiting the night Angel whispers: “Mournful

Night’s Blood – Dissection

Night haunts and evil lurks in every corner Like plague it’s spreading – I behold Loneliness, yet with you autumn night as guest But can you hear my cries?

Black Horizons – Dissection

From my Tower I behold the landscape below I see the river of blood in fury flow I stare into the night, yet my visions clear From the distant

Unhallowed – Dissection

Pain, plague an pestilence shall sweep through your sight Grim is the truth that hides behind the fading light The eyes of the beholder stares empty silent and cold

Heaven’s Damnation – Dissection

Striking over oceans of blood Over kingdoms in fears Where the night bred its cold dark the winter drew near Chorus: Watch the sky, the crimson tears of heaven

Frozen – Dissection

Far beyond all light Within the black and the coldest breeze Caressed by the dark, I had my sleep Awakened by the moon Nocturnal life, my powers to be

The Somberlain – Dissection

I fell deeper and deeper as light now was gone I could feel the dark embrace my soul Agony was no more, and so was pain At this point

A Land Forlorn – Dissection

The mountains below we reached by our will The flames of our swords are burning still Temptated by the night to spread hate and fear Were the revenge the