Performer DOMINION

The Voyage – Dominion

Every muscle paralysed Laying under a veil of righteousness, finally everything became blank Projecting my spirit from within, leaving the body behind Gazing down at my face, pale and

Weaving Fear – Dominion

I hear your pain The fears of my life stand before me… Do I end it now for God my children, just close my eyes To feel the distance

Deep Into Me – Dominion

The concept of never being is the false truth that speaks its mind Do I control your visions, those that create your dreams? Enshrouded by twilight mists, the lust

Conspire To Be – Dominion

Is it the blind lead the blind? Or are we the fools who follow? Listening to minds bent on power for their needed elation To place your trust in

Millennium – Dominion

Dominated by the element, our imagination having turned towards the sky New frontiers cause the reformation of the human race Celebration of ourselves and our sanctity of the earth

Tears From The Stars – Dominion

Genesis of a new strain, the mother feeds her child Silence broken, the birth of mankind, but the shadows conceal fears unspoken Like tears from the stars And the

Alive? – Dominion

The flow of blood through your veins and that same blood through mine It is your consciousness, your will which must keep you alive A shock of sensation not