Performer DOWNSET

My American Prayer – Downset

and the melting pot’s hot! Well, I don’t know where you’re at, but I know where I’ve always been: Downset at the bottom with my underclass freedom. The birth

Take ’em Out – Downset

seed, it’s called inequities: vanity, banking, ganking, justi- fied. How many more will have to suffer? How many more will have to die? Well, stop buying the lie! Bold

Downset – Downset

stck to bluest of blue skies. A child grown quick kicking it with an ice-pick, age of 8 babyface straight-up scared to die. Seen 1 little, 2 little, 3

About To Blast – Downset

hood is jacked up bad, and more pain will come to exist. Well, whose fault is it, and who’s to blame? Well, I’m pointing my fingers at the ones

Ritual – Downset

like to live in fear? Because she knows what it’s like to run. Because she knows what it’s like to live in fear. Rape ritual. How can I stand

Anger! – Downset

don’t come to the killing fields if you ain’t got no fucking heart, cuz WILLIE, IRA and DARYL will get you – got you – fucked up and dead

Holding Hands – Downset

embraced innocence. We dressed eachother in colors of intrigu- e, first words to each other sang comfort’s melody. Childlike was your first gracious allurement, her offering hands touched mine