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Drain Story LyricsDrain Story song sung and Lyrics by BladeeDrain Story is the latest English song Produced and Directed by Bladee, Whitearmor, Ecco2k.

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Song Name:Drain Story
Lyrics by:Bladee, Whitearmor
Music Label:YEAR0001

Drain Story Lyrics

They are trying to make me distracted
This is not a diss-track
But I don’t like that (It’s crazy)
S-Spin around like a nine it gave me whiplash
C-Come so fresh, so clean, out of the birdbath

Every time I fall am I bound to get back up?
You’ve been lying to me and that’s messed up
You dont know how I feel, put your crest up (Crest)
Dream inside of a dream, had to rest up
Give you something to believe in
I got that something that you’ve been seeking
And I wait for the fall
But this drain story is about to reach my favorite part

Baby its more than words
Im trying to give you worlds
I’ma pour up a drink, baby, heres to you
You know who you are, it’s been too long

Locking in with thе forces
Didn’t have to force it
Took thе door off the door hinges (Yeah)
Can’t-Can’t fit in with the normies
If being drainy is a sin, Lord, forgive me
Thaiboy Goon, shake the room baby
I’m going crazy, screws loose, baby
You don’t know me
Have you checked the news lately?
I should’ve told you about the truth
But I was too lazy
You’re always trying to tell me something serious
But it’s a joke to me
But It’s only funny when we tell it
Otherwise it’s not fun
And it’s only priceless
Until you put a price on it
So I won’t put a price on it
So you can’t buy it

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