Dirge – Dreadful Shadows

I knew that today we’ll make it real I went everywhere to find you And I can’t forget how you called my name And when the sun went down

Exile – Dreadful Shadows

Contradiction in my thoughts is the barrier of my life I cannot jump that nigh to overcome Too many hidden ways – their destination is the same Which way

Intransigence – Dreadful Shadows

You’re the guide to my tomorrow You’re the anchor of my heart but I can’t follow ‘Cos my bones will break apart When I try to get up for

Everlasting Words – Dreadful Shadows

These never ending thoughts will drag me to death I always see the empire of the falling rain And I answer with a smile Should I pray? Should I

Futility – Dreadful Shadows

Breaking wood beneath my feet I am standing on a fragile bridge The abyss is indescribably deep Only ledges could catch my fall Something forces me to wait right

The Drowning Sun – Dreadful Shadows

The pipes are leaking, it’s dripping onto my ragged bed Minutes seem to be days and days are years, so what am I waiting for? Too many things have

Vagrants In Space – Dreadful Shadows

Contaminated ground beneath our feet We’re walking slowly but hand in hand We don’t care to stumble, we don’t care to fall We’re too far away from earth We

Awakening – Dreadful Shadows

This is the day I’ve always been awaiting A ray of sun comes into my room The sleepless nights of former years are ending And every day falls into

Calling The Sun – Dreadful Shadows

Another time I’ve tried to walk along this icy way Another time I’ve lost my balance When my eyes turned gray Too many screams don’t let me fall asleep

Twist In My Sobriety – Dreadful Shadows

All God’s children need travelling shoes Drive your problem from here All good people read good books Now your conscience is clear I hear you talk, girl Now your

The Vortex – Dreadful Shadows

The dust in your photograph Reveals the time gone by These days seem so far away Why did I return Your rooms didn’t change a lot But the things

Torn Being – Dreadful Shadows

I wake up, it’s dark It’s cold, but I’m not freezing I don’t know where I am, don’t know how I came here I try to get up, but

True Faith – Dreadful Shadows

I feel so extraordinary Something’s got a hold on me I get this feeling I’m in motion A sudden sense of liberty I don’t care ’cause I’m not there

A Better God – Dreadful Shadows

Your eyes reflect the surface of the water Your lipstick is smeared The reed moves quietly in the wind And you alone with yourself For the first time alone

Chains – Dreadful Shadows

But my limbs don’t react. I’ve lost control I’m so frail but I’m reaching the door And I lean against, but it’s closed The fire will burn, no matter

New Day – Dreadful Shadows

I walk along an endless path, it’s the same as yesterday Nothing’s changed and nothing’s evolved anywhere Too many voices call your name And my own is much too

Desolated Home – Dreadful Shadows

The last breath of grace and elegance is done The dead are lugged away, but they won’t find their silence The verges fade, another time has begun A better

Homeless – Dreadful Shadows

Seeing no more goodness at all, it’s only hatred I find I don’t want to be the bereaved of a forgotten world And I don’t want to lay me

Courageous – Dreadful Shadows

Your wrinkled hands reveal the time You can’t stop anymore The expression of you eyes is still courageous Your lips are pale, your skin is white I thought you’d

The Racking Call – Dreadful Shadows

Like bandages of ice As if they could heal my wounds, but they’re incurable When all the branches stroke my hair Like your fingers do As if they could