Delilah – Dresden Dolls, The

When you change your point of view to underfoot very good You may be flat but you’re breathing And there’s no doubt he’s at home in his room Probably

Dirty Business – Dresden Dolls, The

We have incorporated Place your bets We’re all so sick of waiting Queen takes jack You got me this time but I’ll get you back So pick a number

Mrs. O – Dresden Dolls, The

Will you tell us where the naughty children go Will you show How the sky turned white and everybody froze Heaven knows How they got into the fireplace But

Sing – Dresden Dolls, The

Back in the day it just went without saying at all All the world’s history gradually dying of shock There is thing that’s like talking except you don’t talk

Me And The Minibar – Dresden Dolls, The

I’ll unwrap the plastic cups It’s just us my love It’s just us my love I will make the room up nice Put your insides all on ice It

Mandy Goes To Med School – Dresden Dolls, The

Pretty as a picture of a patient on a fresh iv Giddy as a gangbanger with a set of sutures where his magic johnson ought to be Yes i’ll

First Orgasm – Dresden Dolls, The

I get up early It is a challenge I’m usually lazy I make some coffee I eat some rice chex And then I sit down To check my inbox

Backstabber – Dresden Dolls, The

So thank you for all your help I know you want to jump around But try to contain yourself You always struck me as the type to take it

Sex Changes – Dresden Dolls, The

We’re pleased to inform you that your applications been accepted Starting from the time you get this letter Your life will be one never-ending “hope you’re feeling better” You

My Alcoholic Friends – Dresden Dolls, The

It took for me to get back on the wagon of the weekend I’m getting out of time Another proof that I got home with my imagination If they

Necessary Evil – Dresden Dolls, The

Fingers crossed It is an ordinary evening I am broadcasting are you receiving Sick sick sound All fall down It is a necessary evil Just like highway gas stations

Shores of California – Dresden Dolls, The

To get this girl to let him get into her pants But every time he thinks he’s getting close She threatens death before he gets a chance And that’s

Coin Operated Boy – Dresden Dolls, The

Sitting on the shelf he is just a toy But I turn him on and he comes to life Automatic joy That is why I want a coin operated

Modern Moonlight – Dresden Dolls, The

Coke and Pepsi finally found a compromise How can they complain that we’re all fucked up kids When they keep on changing who our mother is? Like it all