Absolute Defiance – Dying Fetus

There will be no praying for peace, no sacrifice As I feel the burning, of hate, it’s blinding me I just live to destroy my mortal enemies I just

We Are Your Enemy – Dying Fetus

A cancer on this lifeless carcass called the world not one left in peace, a policy of mandatory greed eats its way across this nation built on lies we

Killing On Adrenaline – Dying Fetus

Is pulverized and turned to shit So all that’s left when he is gone Is skin and blood and pulp and bone This fucker thought that he could try

Destroy The Opposition – Dying Fetus

The human termites spreading lies The people have to make a decision but their too busy dying to try and realize who controls their future the money flows above

Justifiable Homicide – Dying Fetus

fed put to the test, they’ll fuck all the rest, till all their rivals are dead… they’re dead Pushed on to fight as the pressure infects and their rotten

Fornication Terrorists – Dying Fetus

An absence of free will is all we ever face, Overcome by chemicals of lust inside the brain We don’t need an answer, just someone to blame, A plague

Pissing In The Mainstream – Dying Fetus

drugging us into an empty apathetic daze the trick is that we think that everything is going fine but the truth to our reality is buried in the mind

Procreate The Malformed – Dying Fetus

is all it had to take now we can’t resist the world’s too full its time to bring it back and turn this shit around it’s the last rebellion,