Performer EDGUY

How Many Miles – Edguy

Oh yeah… Watching a face and a smile and a light When you`re walking alone in the street I know your look always gives you the might Many miles

Falling Down – Edguy

“No brain is left but here I got one more nail!” The master’s final word, when he created a ‘hero’ like you, born to deride and to hurt. You

Fairytale – Edguy

yeah… giants of stone build up my desire no one could tell us the secret of fire the hinger for wisdom deep in your heart you can`t accept that

The Headless Game – Edguy

Longing for silence… “always faster” is the way that we go. Not a little patience… higher, farer, better we grow. The beast is rising, it’s tantalizing those who are

Eyes Of The Tyrant – Edguy

In the eyes of the mighty domain and its evil Doctrines, there is no trace of romance But the fears that grow Noone can watch his next into the

Land Of Miracle – Edguy

Blinded by the fire and the sorrow of the day, I come knocking on your door to dry the tears away. The eventide is calling me to take a

Scarlet Rose – Edguy

The moment when you held me tight won`t come back any more And at the end of that night you slammed the door My dream it died away just

Roses To Noone – Edguy

I’m feeling this time as bad as never before A bleeding wag is fading away Once you needed me for spending delight Below the funny mask there’s a crying

Holy Shadows – Edguy

You’re a child an old illusion, can’t you hear it cry? You live your life to the exclusion of what they call a he… The touch of evil it

Babylon – Edguy

Yeah… In a world of hate pollution we can’t breathe anymore. We’ve to leave and this you, the pawn, have won. On our quest for nowhere island we set

No More Foolin? – Edguy

Fair sex paralyzer. Lipstick in a face spirit analyzer, not one human trace no need to cry rool the fuckin` dice, im a loser in a game gonna hurt

Wake Up The King – Edguy

Soldier of sunlight, welcome to the kingdom of ignorance where all the tears of ages tell their tales. No one dares to fly, time is running out you can’t

Another Time – Edguy

The rain outside reminds me of your voice, like everything I hear since you’re not there. The distance doesn’t leave me any choice than to meet you in a

Walk On Fighting – Edguy

The ivory is cold. Where is my desire In a cage of gold, not a trace of fire Ice cold as ice. I`m heading for tomorrow I am tired

Frozen Candle – Edguy

Crying on the pyre, feelin’ all so strange When you took my mind to deteriorate, told Me that you like me, atrocious and deterrent Lies, you showed me how

Sacred Hell – Edguy

Ravens in the air, noone in the streets Seems like the fiend he must be back Riding on his horse but also flying in the iar Love has just

Key To My Fate – Edguy

Am I totally blind this time when I’m dreamin’ The dreams that I fear, some call it nightmare And some call it life, what is the sense of Existing

Arrows Fly – Edguy

Faking the truth in their eyes… smile but they really deride… never give you shelter. Lady all alone, naked to the bone… make you bleed and melt into tears.

Theater Of Salvation – Edguy

“I’ve heard voices in my dream, made me stand up, helped me see.” aaah oohhh… Visions called him to awake his mind, to find his horizon and find out

The Unbeliever – Edguy

I am the madness carrying the torch, lighting the wheat in your fields. I am the eyes staring out of the dark, I am the wear of your yields.