Performer EDITORS

Munich – Editors

I’m so glad I did I’m so glad I’ve found this I’m so glad I did People are fragile things, you should know by now Be careful what you

Lights – Editors

It keeps me awake but I don’t mind Everything I always wanted Is right there but soon it won’t be Oh, if fortune favours the brave I am as

Bullets – Editors

If something has to change then it always does You don’t need this disease, not right now No, you don’t need this disease, not right now Oh you don’t

Someone Says – Editors

There’s beauty in the lonely You’re the moonlight in this town Seems like every moment is another from before Your eyes have nothing behind them Your arms and legs

Fall – Editors

I’ll always remember Juggernauts screaming to a stop Sound like devils are laughing I wanted to see I wanted to see I wanted to see this for myself I

Fingers In The Factories – Editors

Keep us in our place You’re the night, the dirty night That keeps us going Nothing left to waste Pull a sentence from your lips To keep them quiet

Distance – Editors

These things I never seem to mean So I’ll leave the murder scene Honey, what got broken Won’t go back together again So I’ll leave this while I can

All Sparks – Editors

All sparks will burn out in the end You burn like a bouncing cigarette on the road All sparks will burn out in the end All sparks will burn

Camera – Editors

I’ll be your guide. Once we have black hearts, then love dies. Look at us through the lens of a camera, does it remove all of our pain? If

Blood – Editors

You’re with the red lights, your side of town Don’t say it’s easy to follow a process There’s nothing harder than keeping a promise Blood runs through your veins,

Open Your Arms – Editors

It’s a long way down Look up, look up, look up now It’s a long way down You fail, you fail to see now What you need the most