Easy Way Out – Elliott Smith

‘Cos without an enemy your anger gets confused I got stuck on a side you know I never chose But it’s all about taking the easy way out for

All Cleaned Out – Elliott Smith

The comic little drunk You call your boy Making everybody smile Who takes your pretty plan And then becomes a disappearing man After a little while I saw you

Riot Coming – Elliott Smith

Amped up on prescription pills That brought my heart to a stop And i want to tell you there’s a riot coming Like a drug in the water A

Little One – Elliott Smith

I’ll go down, stay down Sleep the rest of the day Dream new music to calm down Stay down and keep evil away I can hear you asleep Changing

Ballad Of Big Nothing – Elliott Smith

The helpless little thing with the dirty mouth who’s always got something to say You’re sitting around at home now waiting for your brother to call I saw him

A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free – Elliott Smith

O. D. on Easter afternoon My mama told me “Baby stay clean There’s no in-between” And all you ladies and you gentlemen Between is all you’ve ever seen or

Shooting Star – Elliott Smith

Going upstream down the avenue To fuck some trophy boy that you’ll win tonight at the bar So bad, so far You’ll make him sad Shooting star When it

New Disaster – Elliott Smith

New bodies to haunt And it’s been here, it is up here He’s hanging around and he’ll float for a while Gradually gone It’s pleasing and freezing While I

Last Hour – Elliott Smith

And the bodies you left lying around Talking it out the last hour I’m through trying now, it’s a big relief I’ll be staying down Where no one else

New Monkey – Elliott Smith

Telling me how I can’t cave in That I’m a study in black Need a pat on the back I looked up and smile A picture of dissatisfaction That

Miss Misery – Elliott Smith

With some help from johnny walker red Send the poison rain down the drain To put bad thoughts in my head Two tickets torn in half And a lot

Big Decision – Elliott Smith

I don’t really recommend it, no They’ll probably just put you down I believe you I wanna be you I believe you I wanna be you I know you’re

Punch And Judy – Elliott Smith

In a crowded corner where anybody can listen in They don’t read page to page, or speak easy Now they’re gonna go say the words In the wrong order

Pictures Of Me – Elliott Smith

Stupid acting smart Flirting with the flicks You say it’s just for kicks You’ll be the victim of your own dirty tricks You got yourself to tease and displease

Junk Bond Trader – Elliott Smith

Writing in the glow of the TV’s static Taking out the trash to the man Give the people something they’d understand A stickman flashing a fine-lined smile Junk bond

In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach) – Elliott Smith

To walk the stairsteps in pairs Climbing up a slippery slope I’m in love, love I hope Don’t go home Angelina Stay with me, hanging around in the lost

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands – Elliott Smith

Yes everybody cares about you Yeah, and whether or not you want them to It’s a chemical embrace that kicks you in the head To a pure synthetic sympathy

I Better Be Quiet Now – Elliott Smith

Wish I could call you today Just to hear a voice I got a long way to go I’m getting further away If I didn’t know the difference Living

No Name #4 – Elliott Smith

Took her records and clothes and pictures of her boy It really made her sad Packed it up and didn’t look back I’m okay, let’s just forget all about

Either/Or – Elliott Smith

In an endless symbolic war Brave or bored, either/or Sometimes I ricochet from the past And at times a future I’ve already had before Champion or chore, either/or. I’ll