The Endless Enigma (Part One) – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Why do you stare Do you think that I care? You’ve been mislead By the thoughts in your head Your words waste and decay Nothing you say Reaches my

Lay Down Your Guns – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

No need to run my friend into the trees We’ve been through this so much before But still we get it wrong Lay down your guns and feel no

Love Blind – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Can’t you see that I’m love blind Where are you taking me now Ooh-I’m a love blind, how far are you taking me this time Can’t you see that

Still….You Turn Me On – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Do you want to be a star, Do you want to play some magic on my guitar? Do you want to be a poet, Do you want to be

The Sheriff – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Wicked Josie rode away In the sunset covered sky A lynching mob had strung his friend up Right before his eyes He didn’t know what they’d both done He

Step Aside – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

I struck a light But no one could have seen me without second sight Taking flight Handle me with care I’m dynamite Looking for some place to hide A

The Miracle – Emerson, Lake And Palmer

Upon the dawn the eagle waits His tallons shine like daggers On the wings of revolution In pain the madman staggers But there is no solution Another sword upon