Performer ERIC SAADE

It’s Gonna Rain – Eric Saade

I know I was wrong I made you leave Trouble, oh I was in trouble If I told you how, would you believe But your eyes see right into

Radioactive – Eric Saade

Radio… active Late night A bubbly bunch of people break it out Heading one direction Downtown Ready, set and going for a ride Craving satisfaction Impatience **** so free

Echo – Eric Saade

it may look Cool but it burns We are like magnets, gravity like planets Somehow we always return oh Damn we bounced right back tried to break it off

Made Of Pop – Eric Saade

Oh what a rush Pose like stars for us (Like stars for us) Perfect radio hits Obsessive chicks Proud synthetic licks (Synthetic licks) Oh, oh-oh My heart is beating

Sleepless – Eric Saade

Erased my love tattoo But you’re the one that makes my heart beat faster It’s just the games you play That makes it hard to stay I feel we’re

Someone New – Eric Saade

It was just a house of cards Now we watch them fall carried away oh carried away by the wind Walking down the city streets It’s so bisarre Yesterday

Popular – Eric Saade

‘Cause I know it’s possible Though I know you never look my way I can say; you will one day I can say you will one day I will

Without You I’m Nothing – Eric Saade

And I never feared you’d say goodbye You’re the center of my life And the core to why I sacrifice I travel miles for you and I To see

Hotter Than Fire – Eric Saade

Don’t need no list, no invite I’m here to dance, dance D-d-dance, dance We had it straight to the bar One drink we came any more We’re here to

Stupid With You – Eric Saade

I can’t help but stumble when you speak I might slip I’ll go weak I can’t help but fumble when we meet You amaze me Everytime that I’m acting

Explosive Love – Eric Saade

I’ll take you one step forward You take two steps back You’re so bad, so bad And I don’t know where to begin Girl, you’re right under my skin

Big Love – Eric Saade

Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh I’m addicted to the rush you give me

Break Of Dawn – Eric Saade

I can’t stand another night alone in my bed Missing, hoping At the break of dawn I won’t let go Won’t give up no Think about home when you’re

Say It – Eric Saade

I adore your every move Infatuated, by every little thing you do My heart’s on fire And it’s melting into you You’re mazing I’m gonna be true I’m gonna

I’ll Be Alright – Eric Saade

Will the answers even help Me from falling inside Not like it’s a surprise It’s the was you hide your phone Can tell it’s some other guy So don’t

Feel Alive – Eric Saade

back in time What press to lead Don’t wanna drown in the past It was way to deep I’ve been running around in circles Oh yeah! I wanna change

Still Loving It – Eric Saade

I’ve struggled twice Finding my direction The riddle of life, it’s just like a maze That changes every second I can’t explain the things I feel, but I know

Masquerade – Eric Saade

She’s dangerous and no one else can match those eyes She’s concealed So mysterious, that nobody can catch her lies Drop this game of fame No one can win

Timeless – Eric Saade

Hook me up with your lips Heal my body with your kiss You play tricks with my head But you’re everything that’s fitting me I’ve got a world to

Killed By A Cop – Eric Saade

There’s nothing to save there’s nowhere to go in this prison Locked up she threw it away and I have no chance to probation hate the way that you’re