Performer ESCHATON

Morbid Prophecy – Eschaton

Counting the days, before what was said has passed, longing for the closure, delivered at last you foolishly doubted, what had been foreseen now you’ve fallen victim, to the

Feast Of The Ripened – Eschaton

A trembling that is this collective….. complacency Deception still marked by what you speak, acceptance is marked by how you act Capitulation, the fertility of the ripened dead This

Torment Of Failed Evasion – Eschaton

for weakness finds you safety, the torment of failed evasion, deaf from your own cries. Once realized at ends, stood alone with fate, and now you’ve found, that you’ve

Betrayal Part II – Eschaton

I found my self taking the blame stabbed in the back it seems to happen all the time why did I bring myself such misery I could not understand

Enveloped In Misery – Eschaton

creation of your own design Trials of failure, the scars are left behind Intent on living your self fulfilling prophecy Incapable of reaching a higher destiny Destiny Your callused