The Law Of The Flames – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Thou shalt not let the witch woman live, the queen of death and life The mother earth, the mother goddess, the feared devil’s wife From the seven circles of

Blood Of Faith Stains My Hands – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

She filled my dreams with the enchanting aura But the sweet days of delight were buried in dust On the battle fields of the unholy hordes Sometimes blood paints

The Son Of The Forest – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Snow under roaming feet, ice in the ground so deep I wander to the north in the freezing storm Trees of the silent night want me to have a

Goashem – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

I close my eyes to see within myself as the first snow falls on me I close my ears to hear my inner voice and the cold wind freezes

Bride Of The Crimson Sea – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Her gazing was intense but so dead… The teardrops corroded the soil… She couldn’t say a word to me… I know I want to be the young bride of

Coronach – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Alone with the questions, an outcast for many years He has seen those marble archways and the avenue of crimson tears Now shadows are staring at him but he

Nocturnal Strains – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

I feel the darkest velvet in my arms I follow the calling tune, the strains of the darkest night And enjoy the silent song of a nightingale I raise

Tar Of Chaos – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

By the hurting nails of my memories The sword of hate incises…I bleed And their eyes… Their look burnt into my mind… Full of conceit…and despise The tears of

Autumn’s Grief – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Just you and me as nightly guests at the dance hall of our last Autumn Your look’s so faithful, so brave…as you feel our common pain Our lives and

The Seventh Eclipse – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

I feel the cold hands of the midwinter night The claws of frost are plowing the naked skin of mine The painful harrow of the eclipse time I see

Nightwind’s Lullaby – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Like a mother takes care of her children, the nightwind cries for her Hear those silent whispers… Like an infant’s very first words Light a candle for those who

Raven (In Your Eyes) – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Every day is like a new hell, every night my eyes swell Turn my pain into pleasure, kill my desire for you My dreams feel so real, they are

Burning Flames’ Embrace – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Walking towards the night… The flames once burnt inside Back then I was alive when the fire walked by my side The screaming fire burnt the leaves of mine

Bhean Sidhe – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

A shape of a woman on its shore She’s washing my cloak Which was stained by the clay of time Her eyes are so sad and full of grief

Northern Doom – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

I remember, it was December, the darkest winter, my body shivered The coldest snow, cold northwind blew, the greatest storm hit like the thorns The place’d been chosen and

Another One Falls Asleep – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Red sparks fill the sky and they fall to the earth on fire The bright stars fade away and the moon is turning to red The dark woods of

Shattered Soul – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

They reached my hidden innocence So the sweetest moments of the perfect beauty… Turned to the hours of the deepest despair I’m nothing but a shattered soul…I cannot see…

Empty Eyes – Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

A little girl, almost a woman So pretty, so young Sweet dress, shining hair Dancing alone above the meadow Smile on her divine face Red lips and green eyes