Performer EUROPE

Here Comes The Night – Europe

Here comes the night It’s gonna be a long and lonely night Oh Lord, I pray it’s gonna be alright As I walk down this dusty road My heart

Open Your Heart – Europe

Days filled with joy and days filled with sorrow I don’t know just what to do Am I happy today, am I lonely tomorrow Everything depends on you I’ve

Treated Bad Again – Europe

Hey girl don’t come to me And ask me for a helpin’ hand ‘Cause by the way things seem to be I would never ever understand When he comes

Ninja – Europe

Tell me the story, tell me the legend Tell me the tales of war Tell me just one time, What it was like before Bring me the feeling, right

Forever Travelling – Europe

You spin this life around You bring me where some harder soul remain From a cold, cold place in time And you say: I, I just know how you

Just The Beginning – Europe

I can walk on fire, it ain’t stopin’ me It’s just showin’ me the way Come thunder, lighting all over me I’d still be on my way You can

Hero – Europe

If you had not shown the way Itґs not like I wouldnґt fight Not knowing ґbout your life Itґs not like I wouldnґt stand Right here with my friends

I’ll Cry For You (acoustic Version) – Europe

But something’s come over me Now i’m sittin’ starin’ at the wall Afraid for my sanity The sound of your voice The touch of your skin It’s hauntin’ me

On Broken Wings – Europe

so much for being good, oh. Johnny did not rest he did what he thought was best, he did the best he could. Don’t try to see the world

Heart Of Stone – Europe

Album: The Final Countdown Titolo: Heart Of Stone (Joey Tempest) I’ve told you once and I’ve told you twice Wait for that day, when our love will rise To

Wish I Could Believe – Europe

Pick up the remains Of your day If you let me I will Take a hold of your hand Tell you that you’re sane You say: give me what

In The Future To Come – Europe

So many years ago the people on this earth They were laughin’ They didn’t think of anything else Than love and peace But generations failed to see That they

A Mother’s Son – Europe

When we close, we close our eyes There’s a place, a distant kind of place We cant let go, just cant let go There’s a faith, a stronger kind

Let The Children Play – Europe

Better stay in line You gotta look for the magic If there’s a way there comes a time My dad used to tell me You gotta work real hard

Human After All – Europe

We’ll make it through the filth and the glory Give, more of what you’ve got Funk it up, and tell your story For every dream that got away We

Bad Blood – Europe

Always lookin’ for a good time She came on just like a hurricane Man she was far too hot to handle Like fightin’ fire with gasoline All I needed

Children Of This Time – Europe

She spend one evening alone she’s on fire Thinkin’ of you in a dream You come home and she says you’re a liar Asking “Where have you been” But

Prisoners In Paradise (single Version) – Europe

Life don’t come easy anymore Still strugglin’ on by herself got a picture of jimmy there on the shelf And she looks at him and says why did we

Halfway To Heaven – Europe

Another day has come Can’t face it on my own I almost let you walk away I guess I should have known I’ll give it to you straight ‘Cause

Stormwind – Europe

I like to sit beside the fire When the light is going down I like to hear the wild wind blow outside my door I have so much left