Song Thorn In My Side – Exodus

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And I never thought that my life was worth your wealth
You never said to me anything encouraging that I could see
It’s difficult to cure the pain that I’ve had to endure

I always tried to listen even when I disagreed with you
Selfish disposition makes it hard for me to respect anything you do
Then you tried to push me, but you weren’t strong enough to get the job done
Then you tried to hit me, but the back of your hand just isn’t quick enough

You are a thorn in my side, all my life you never left me alone
Thorn in my side, in your mind you wish I never were born
Thorn in my side, through it all I think you pushed me to fail
Thorn in my side, it’s about time you’re recognized for your lies and your worthless alibis

It’s been a long time waiting for the judgment day
So I can cast away
The thorn that you stuck so deep inside of me
It’s ancient history
You’re always acting like a king of kings
Like you were a god
You wear a crown of thorns like a hat on your head
My firing squad will put an end to your facade
Like a thorn in my side

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