Faceless – Face Of Anger

Verse: Dig Through The Dirt Where I Now Lay See The Penance That I Now Pay I’m Alive In The Devil’s Hatred Where Nothing Is Sacred In Me Now

Feeder – Face Of Anger

Verse: Deeper Within The Sorrow Grows Buried In Me Are The Seeds I’ve Sown I’ve Given To You All I Have To Give And You Turned Me Away Chorus:

Dead Man – Face Of Anger

Intro: I Am The Dead Man Walking I Am The Dead Man Walking I Am The Dead Man Walking … The Last Of My Bloodline Verse: There Is A

Strength To Overcome – Face Of Anger

Verse: Push Back At The World Around Me I’ve Been The Slave They Made You See I’ve Been The One They Wanted Me To Be Don’t Push Me Down

Concrete Hammerhead – Face Of Anger

(Solo By Andy Sneap) Verse: You’ve Stumbled In Now Fortified Now Taste The Hate Where Worlds Collide Breathing In Your Life Subsides Knowing That Your Hands Are Tied… Rage

Octane Jesus – Face Of Anger

Verse: So Stop Pretending… That You Know Who I Am And That You Understand And Stop Pretending… That You Feel My Pain, Part Of Your Evil Scam Pre-Chorus: And

Downcast – Face Of Anger

Verse: Lay Out The Spade In A Nation Of Hate Where The Color Of Skin Rules All Now See The Hands Of The Dealer Of Lies Where The Weak

Lead Poisoning – Face Of Anger

Verse: One On One You Face The Truth That Might Be Your End Closing Shadows, Guns Drawn The Hands Of Time Are Not Thine Friend Chorus: And It’s An

Pig-Face Liar – Face Of Anger

Whispers: Andy Sneap Verse: I Was The One That You Laid Out On The Table Torn From The Heart That Once Was Too Blind Now I See Clearly The

Bulldog – Face Of Anger

Verse: I Know No Pain Inside My Shrine The World Grows Cold I Lose My Mind The Wounds Inside That Just Won’t Heal The Pain Now Grows I Learn