Ricochet – Faith No More

All of that thick time without you Has made me so thick and drunk “and it’s okay to laugh about it” I said, “it’s okay to laugh about it”

Just A Man – Faith No More

Sky is clear tonight Sky is clear tomorrow A star is out I reach for one to sparkle in my hand A star is out I will not touch

The Crab Song – Faith No More

“And after all the feelings go, I see I still love you so, I just thought I’d let you know now that everything’s okay, And you are on your

Land Of Sunshine – Faith No More

Your future You are an angel heading for a land of sunshine And fortune is smiling upon you Prepare for a series of a comfortable miracles From fasting to

Zombie Eaters – Faith No More

That’s why I cling to you When I emerge My thoughts converge to you To you The world is so small Compared to you And everybody’s wrong Compared to

Falling To Pieces – Faith No More

Resolution slips away again Right through my fingers, back into my heart Where it’s out of reach and it’s in the dark Sometimes I think I’m blind Or I

The Real Thing – Faith No More

It is the real thing The essence of the truth The perfect moment That golden moment I know you feel it too I know the feeling It is the

Faster Disco – Faith No More

Styling, you know you are styling So turn to the mirror and blow yourself a kiss It goes just like this You’ve done it a thousand times It’s as

The Cowboy Song – Faith No More

Love’s fool….The company you envy. Leaves fall….The seasons pass you by. And you think, that maybe you can fly. Serious fool….Relate your mind to a girl. Crowds form….But think,

The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies – Faith No More

The words are so familiar – all the same greats, the same mistakes It doesn’t have to be like this. If you don’t make a friend, now One might

Anne’s Song – Faith No More

“HEY!” WHAT?? “Oh nothing, just wondering why it is you’re doing that whatever it is you’re doing. “Oh yeah, why?” I dunno it just doesn’t seem like something you’d

Epic – Faith No More

If you can’t, then it doesn’t matter anyway You will never understand it cuz it happens too fast And it feels so good, it’s like walking on glass It’s

We Care A Lot – Faith No More

We care a lot about the NASA shuttle falling in the sea We care a lot about starvation and the food that Live Aid bought We care a lot

What A Day – Faith No More

A piece of mail A letter head A piece of hair From a human head They’re sayin’ to me “I should’ve killed it” “I should’ve killed it” “I should’ve

The Morning After – Faith No More

Awakened by the sun light Victimized by last night Memories flashin’ through my head Was I just born or am I dead? Yesterday’s forgotten, the morning after I can

Last Cup Of Sorrow – Faith No More

This is getting old and so are you. Everything you know and never knew. Will run through your fingers just like sand. Enjoy it while you can. Like a

Cuckoo For Caca – Faith No More

It’s cold and it’s Smooth and it’s A hard shade of white And everybody needs to lick the surface clean But it never tastes better White blooms to white

Mark Bowen – Faith No More

A justifiable means to an end And happiness, that triumphant feeling Only comes from within But…you’ll…never make the grade No you’ll never, ever reach that plateau You’re down below

Ashes To Ashes – Faith No More

I want them to know it’s me It’s on my head I’ll point the finger at me It’s on my head Give it all to you Then I’ll be

Chinese Arithmetic – Faith No More

Candle light, it burns in every hole of your eyes It’s beautiful, how much you’ll never realize So hush my love, there’s something I’m to tell you now Your