I Want More – Pt 2 – Faithless

I want more I want some And then some And do you know what I wanna hear? I want more I want some more And then some I want

Flowerstand Man – Faithless

‘Bout a month ago, I’ve never seen your face – I’ve never heard your voice. ‘Bout a month ago. I’m a careful hunter and I have to say –

If Lovin’ You Is Wrong – Faithless

I’m a sexual animal, eat you like a cannibal, Crammed full of energy, I’m inflammable, Yeah, I finish my beer So come here and get nice while I lick

Reverence – Faithless

Take the words and the bass, Taste, and then swallow me, You’re chasing the devil, Cos you’re level if you follow me For quality, and I make no apology

We Come 1 – Faithless

have become bitter seeds and poisoned leaves without you You represent what’s true I drain the colour from the sky And turn blue without you These arms lack a

One Step Too Far (featuring Dido) – Faithless

You can sleep forever, but still you will be tired You can stay as cold as stone, but still you won’t find peace With you I feel I’m the

Mass Destruction – Faithless

My dad came into my room holding his hat I knew he was leaving, he sat on my bed told me some facts. Son, I have the duty, calling

Evergreen – Faithless

Today I woke up feeling sad I know that you said, That one day I would be glad Hold the Choirs of Winter, The Birds are calling to me

Mass Destruction – P*Nut and Sister Bliss Mix – Faithless

Wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction Whether you’re Soaraway-Sun or BBC 1 Disinformation is a weapon of mass destruction You could be Caucasian or Arab or Asian

Salva Mea – Faithless

How can I change the world if I can’t even change myself? I cannot change the way I am? I don’t know, I don’t know. Maxi Jazz : I

Giving Myself Away – Faithless

Remember Emily? In a long dress one summer day she said yes Now every special request requires another So many times

Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow – Faithless

Should you hear somebody cry, “The end is nigh”, Don’t you buy that line. Tomorrow’s always yesterday Love’s yet to have it’s day and you’ve got all the time

I Want More – Pt 1 – Faithless

100% Legal MP3 Downloads Send Faithless polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone Hey friend your misery bewilders me How come you’re never satisfied or gratified Four walls n’ a

Baseball Cap – Faithless

I think I took a bruse to my jaw, Jumped me from behind at least three, maybe four, I never see my hat no more. Oh, smash. There goes

Angeline – Faithless

Winning the smiles of men of low persuasion, But I know you drink yourself crawling in the street until dawn, Girl you look like a bad dream, You’ve been

Postcards (Rewritten mix) – Faithless

Oh, Darling, I miss you. An boy has it hard The thought of you leavin’ is breakin’ my heart Maxi Jazz: New York, New York, temperature’s droppin’ The band’s

She’s My Baby – Faithless

Mmm, come to papa I see you working, through the beat curtain in the kitchen. Switchin, leavin’ me twitchin’, I’m itchin’ to be kissin’ you But discipline is the

Bring My Family Back – Faithless

unsung champion, a reason like seasoning ah pepper your thoughts with spice, and entice you to a space where I dwell with bass players and layers are loops think

Insomnia – Faithless

Is when I search for the light Pick up my pen and start to write I struggle, fight dark forces In the clear moon light Without fear… insomnia I

One Step Too Far – Faithless

You can sleep forever, but still you will be tired You can stay as cold as stone, but still you won’t find peace With you I feel I’m the