Performer FEIST

Flight #303 – Feist

Three oh three Three oh three Three oh three Bring a lot of love Bring a lot of love Bring a lot of love And you knew would be

Sea Lion Woman – Feist

Sea Lion Woman, She’d lie She drink coffee, She’d lie She drink tea, She’d lie And rooster crow, “She’d Lie” (sea lion) Sea Lion Woman dressed in red,

Inside and out – Feist

Baby, I can’t figure it out Your kisses taste like honey Sweet lies don’t gimme no rise up For what you’re trying to do Livin’ on your cheatin’ and

That’s What I Say, It’s Not Waht I Mean – Feist

I can’t say when I wasn’t this way You don’t need to worry about me That’s what I said, it’s not what I mean That’s what I said, it’s

One year a. d – Feist

I wonder what I’ll do today I’ve got a feeling I’ll be doing the same things all over again Again So here, here I came To present myself a

The Water – Feist

The telegraph cables hung The few can decipher who the message is from And delivering quietly ‘Cause some don’t get much company The harbor becomes the sea And light

So Sorry – Feist

I’m sorry, two words I always think after you’re gone When I realize I was acting all wrong So selfish, two words that could describe Old actions of mine

Still true – Feist

So I don’t get cold when I sleep My love affairs always seem unsteady And I never go half-way when I weep Take me anywhere With you Take me

Gatekeeper – Feist

It’s the scene You set for new lovers You play your part painting in a new start But each gate will open another June July and August said “It’s

Monarch – Feist

Don’t give me eether, or open my vain Im sane, I know im sane I dont give a care for the crown or the shield I will not protect

Now at last – Feist

What a fool I’ve been For I’ve lost the last love I shall ever win And/Now at last I see How my heart was blind To the joys before

Let It Die – Feist

We don’t see eye to eye Or hear ear to ear Don’t you wish that we could forget that kiss And see this for what it is That we’re

Mushaboom – Feist

But wait the babies haven’t been born oh Unpacking the bags and setting up And planting lilacs and buttercups oh But in the meantime we’ve got it hard Second

Brandy Alexander – Feist

And cross the sea and land for him, In milky skin my tongue is sand until The iridescent band begins to play He’s my Brandy Alexander Always gets me

Intuition – Feist

The Intuition I’ll know, I’ll know (Oh) I won’t have to be shown The way home And it’s not about a boy Although, although They can lead you *Break

Past in Present – Feist

Gotta know who’s got your back Because they’re right in front of you Because I’m telling you the truth So much present inside my present Inside my present so…

Secret heart – Feist

What are you made of What are you so afraid of Could it be Three simple words Or the fear of being overheard What’s wrong Let em’ in on

Family – Feist

The pins stick like tongues on pause Or butts in an ashtray Lunchtime packages Waxed and wrapped in hell Down a dusty road Inside an apron ford It’s cool

The mast – Feist

All the things I want you to see Take my head into your hands ‘Cause I come to you from another land And I don’t need to know your

My Moon My Man – Feist

So changeable and Such a loveable lamb to me My care my coat leave on a high note There’s nowhere to go but on Heart on my sleeve, not