Love Under Will – Fields Of The Nephilim

Smother me or suffer Lay down I’ll die tonight Smother me or suffer When I’m gone wait here Discover all of life’s surprises When I’m gone wait here I’ll

Trees Come Down – Fields Of The Nephilim

Now she tells him again You should fetch the plans The(), the() you see Leeway Like the sun over the closing door Whispered Caroline, walks down the steps So

Celebrate – Fields Of The Nephilim

Only moments rise For the lesser blessed It’s all promises When the daughters rise From their comas rise For a lesser blessed It seems honest here Celebrate give love

The Watchman – Fields Of The Nephilim

Promise calls, promise falls, what are we to do? With a clouded view, you follow me through Sadly the tides are changing, my world slips out of you Your

Phobia – Fields Of The Nephilim

A body like a unicorn Its a phobia In this crowded room The people just stare Silver sun entering space, I want to just pass around It’s now in

Sumerland (What Dreams May Come) – Fields Of The Nephilim

and all its pleasure take me to the dream to the highs and the depths of my soul here we free thoughts inside giving up for giving time but

Power – Fields Of The Nephilim

power feeds you long, loving hours I can give everlasting power Flower… the world opens you need simple flower A feeling, a feeling all so sour Drain me, now

Moonchild – Fields Of The Nephilim

Well it’s a righteous dream Out of mind A righteous dream Out of mind Is it right just dreaming Out of my day Take your horses Let them crawl

Endemoniada – Fields Of The Nephilim

When I fall asleep at the wheel Think about this… If looks could kill Such a thrill… The way I feel Now I’m falling asleep at the wheel And

Chord Of Souls – Fields Of The Nephilim

I hear godly laughter can it be the end well I’m on fire when he’s so cold I hear godly laughter let it be the end let it be

Last Exit For The Lost – Fields Of The Nephilim

Does it hurt for I want you to remain I run your hair through in another decade Summerland holds me in sumerian haze Pain in places where the lovers